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Google Trends: XRP Hasn't Been So Popular Since 2017. What About Bitcoin?

Fri, 11/27/2020 - 15:58
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Vladislav Sopov
It is often said that the ongoing crypto bullish rally is not reflected in Google statistics for crypto-related searches. But is that true?
Google Trends: XRP Hasn't Been So Popular Since 2017. What About Bitcoin?
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Google Trends, an analytical dashboard that tracks the popularity of searches across different countries and regions, demonstrates why this week may be crucial for the global blockchain community.

XRP inches closer to 2018 highs in Google Trends

Google Trends calculates the relative popularity of this or that search quote: 100 points indicates "all-time high," while 0 is a sign of lacking public interest in a subject. Since Nov. 22, interest in XRP has already added almost 300 percent and continues surging.

Interest in XRP surges
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Although two days remain before the data for this week are submitted and indexed, the relative interest value in XRP is going to print a whopping close of 78.

The last time interest in XRP was that high was in late December 2017. The 2018 highs were registered between Jan. 7 and Jan.13, at the 74 level.

It is intriguing that searches for "Ripple" are far less impressive with a mediocre 13 points. The situation in the U.S. closely resembles worldwide trends but, at press time, the estimated search ratio for late November 2020 does not surpass the 2018 highs.

What about Bitcoin (BTC)?

Surprisingly, despite the fact that the Bitcoin (BTC) price almost retested the all-time high on Nov. 25, interest in Google Trends does not reflect this euphoria.

At press time, it is even lower that it was during the 2019 "mini rally"when Bitcoin (BTC) barely surpassed $13,000. Interest in Bitcoin (BTC) is estimated at 18 points worldwide and 22 points for the United States.

Interest in XRP may be catalyzed by two interconnected factors: its rapid price upsurge and the "TikTok pump." On Nov. 23, TikTok influencer CoolTez from L.A. launched a challenge that closely resembles the "DOGE pump" of July. He highlighted that XRP is very cheap, so everyone can buy it and push its price through the roof.

Also, prominent economist and founder of Real Vision media, Raoul Pal, admitted that he was "warming" to XRP as he built up a mental picture of its basics.

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