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Getting It Up: 7 CryptoTips For Women Dating CryptoMen

Sun, 25/03/2018 - 12:07
Getting It Up: 7 CryptoTips For Women Dating CryptoMen
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My name is Tatyana Maksimova. I'm a practicing sexologist, blogger and mother of three.


In my opinion, sex is the basis of life and crypto today is the basis of a successful life. Let's combine these two ingredients and enjoy the taste. In my regular column, I’m going to tell you how to achieve this.

Lovely ladies, if you get a man who deals with cryptocurrency in your home, it is important to know the rules of using this subject. Read before use!


We all know that the most exciting part of the body in a man is his brain. You are lucky, the brain in this model is of high-quality.

Strong words

It is necessary to learn the meaning of such words, at first incomprehensible, as Blockchain, Node or SegWit. That is if you wanna be drop-dead gorgeous for him, or at least have his minimal respect.

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The sexual drive of your man depends not on your new lingerie from Agent Provocateur.

Getting it up

The sexual drive of your man depends not on the phases of the moon and your new lingerie from Agent Provocateur, but on the Bitcoin price.

Chill out

In addition to your crocodile leather wallet, you will receive several cryptocurrency wallets. What excitement.

Beer talk

The probability of hard fork is a normal topic of discussion with beer. Do not forget fish & chips as it’s gonna take forever.

Buying a dress

It is easy to do something nice for your man. Simply ask him to tell you how to buy a dress for his tokens.


If he says that he owns a farm, do not count on eggplants and cucumbers. But haven’t you survived marines, fishermen and bankers? You will survive a cryptoholic, too.

I am ready to answer any of your questions, just write me to


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