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First-Ever Cardano (ADA) Static Website Kicks Off

Thu, 09/07/2023 - 13:11
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Vladislav Sopov
Cardano (ADA) enthusiast Dave Beaumont demonstrates pioneering static website on second largest PoS network
First-Ever Cardano (ADA) Static Website Kicks Off
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Mainstream smart contracts platform Cardano (ADA) is getting one more unusual use case. Blockchain can be used as a part of decentralized backed for a user-generated website. The first proof of concept has been demonstrated by a Cardano (ADA) ecosystem veteran.

Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts launched first static website: Details

The first-ever static website fully hosted on Cardano (ADA) blockchain went live yesterday, Sept. 6, 2023. Developer Dave Beaumont describes it as a "successful Proof-of-Concept test" carried out with IAGON decentralized storage.

As displayed by Beaumont, he replicated and cloned the website of decentralized cloud storage project IAGON so that it is now served on the Cardano (ADA) blockchain. Besides moving to Cardano (ADA), he added new JavaScript dependencies to the website, written via the Next.js framework.

Beaumont describes this experience as a ground-breaking accomplishment for the entire segment of programmatic and non-programmatic blockchains:

This will be the first-ever website served from decentralised storage on Cardano (ADA) to my knowledge (maybe the first across all blockchains I don't know) Of course this will open up further options and is just a proof of concept around possibilities.

As covered by U.Today previously, Cardano's (ADA) hackathon winner Swiper indicated that the blockchain needs more ZK, AI-powered and SocialFi applications to stay competitive.

Decentralized DNS and dynamic websites might land on Cardano (ADA)

Beaumont stressed that the IAGON team helped in research and development efforts necessary for a smooth launch on Cardano (ADA) blokchain's platform.

His followers on X are excited about the novelty coming to Cardano's (ADA) ecosystem of applications. Asked about the potential next phases of development, Beaumont suggested mapping the website to decentralized DNS and experimenting with dynamic websites being released on Cardano (ADA).

Yesterday, Sept. 6, decentralized DNS creator D3 Global completed seed funding with $5 million raised. Top-tier VCs, including Shima Capital, backed blockchain DNS pioneers in their efforts.

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