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World Conference on Web 3.0 & IOT


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  • Dates:
    Mon, 09/16/2024 - Wed, 09/18/2024
  • Price:
    USD 499
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World Conference on Web 3.0 & IOT
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The World Conference on Web 3.0 & IoT, also known as Webs Week 2024, where groundbreaking innovations and cutting-edge technologies are set to reshape the digital landscape. This exciting event is scheduled to take place from September 16-18, 2024, in the vibrant city of Frankfurt, Germany. With the theme Witness About The Newest Advancements in Web 3.0 & IoT, this conference promises to be a game-changer. It’s where industry leaders, tech enthusiasts, innovators, and visionaries come together to explore the limitless possibilities of the next-generation web.


Webs Week 2024 is poised to be a catalyst for profound discussions, knowledge sharing, and the exchange of visionary ideas. It promises to shed light on the promising future that awaits as Web 3.0 and IoT continue to evolve and converge, ushering in a new era of possibilities across industries.

Why attend Webs Week 2024 

This Webs Week 2024 is set to bring together a diverse array of individuals, ranging from experts, researchers, innovators, to industry leaders hailing from the realms of web development, Internet of Things (IoT), and associated fields. This event, scheduled for September 2024, promises to serve as a dynamic platform for in-depth exploration, discussion, and advancement of the intersection between Web 3.0 technologies and IoT ecosystems.

Webs Week 2024 aims to provide a forum for researchers, practitioners, and professionals from the industry, academia and government to discourse on research and development, professional practice in Web 3.0 and Internet of Thing. Participants at this meeting will embark on a journey to gain a profound understanding of Web 3.0 and its potential influence on IoT, encompassing emergent technologies such as blockchain, decentralized applications (DApps), and the semantic web. The event will serve as a stage to unveil pioneering research, showcase innovative applications, and present practical use cases, all of which will illuminate the powerful synergy between Web 3.0 and IoT. Attendees can anticipate insights into how these cutting-edge technologies have the potential to revolutionize a multitude of industries.

Target Participants 

  • Blockchain and Web 3.0 Innovators
  • Metaverse Creators and Designers
  • Cryptocurrency Experts
  • Legal and Regulatory Experts
  • Investors and Venture Capitalists
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Privacy and Security Experts
  • AI and Machine Learning Specialists
  • Metaverse Community Managers
  • Corporate Executives
  • Academic Researchers
  • Government Officials
  • Tech Influencers
  • Startup Founders
  • Tech Enthusiasts
  • Developers and Programmers

Key importance

  • Recognize that Web 3.0 technologies, such as blockchain and decentralized applications (DApps), are increasingly intersecting with IoT to create new possibilities and use cases.
  • Understand the importance of decentralization in Web 3.0, which can enhance IoT security, privacy, and data ownership.
  • Learn about real-world applications of blockchain in IoT, including supply chain management, identity verification, and smart contracts.
  • Explore discussions about data privacy in IoT and how emerging technologies like zero-knowledge proofs and decentralized identity can address privacy concerns.
  • Explore the impact of Web 3.0 and IoT on the development of smart cities, including smart infrastructure, transportation, and sustainability.
  • Take advantage of the conference to build connections with industry experts, startups, and potential collaborators who can help you stay informed and advance your projects

The Topics to be Discussed

  • NFTs & Future of Virtual Worlds

Dive into discussions on how NFTs are reshaping the way we own, trade, and experience digital assets within these evolving virtual environments.

  • Redefining Decentralized Infrastructure

Discover how blockchain, distributed ledgers, and decentralized networks are reshaping traditional infrastructure paradigms.

  • IoT Technology Trends & Innovations

Explore the latest advancements on cutting-edge IoT hardware, sensors, connectivity, and emerging trends that are shaping our connected future.

  • Blockchain Governance

Join this session to explore the decentralized web's potential to reshape industries, empower individuals, and create a more inclusive and equitable digital world.

  • Web 3.0 & IoT

Explore how how Web 3.0's decentralized principles and data ownership models intersect with IoT's ecosystem and ushering in a new era of innovation, security, and interoperability at the crossroads of web.

  • Learn More about other important Topics

This conference will focus on over twenty central topics. So, check out the Conference Highlights and learn more details about topics of interest.