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Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAO) Europe


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  • Dates:
    Tue, 11/12/2024
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Chief Data and Analytics Officers (CDAO) Europe
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Date: November 12, 2024


Venue: Hotel Casa Amsterdam, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Europe's Most Senior, Cross-Industry Data & Analytics Event

Unleash your data potential at CDAO Europe: Igniting innovation and conquering the data frontier, empowering CDAOs and senior data professionals to solve challenges, seize opportunities, and unlock unrivaled insights in the evolving landscape of Data & Analytics in 2024 and beyond.

Immerse yourself in a data-driven wonderland, where data specialists come together to unlock the secrets of success:

  • Step into the relaxed ambiance of our discussion format, where friendly conversations create an inclusive and engaging experience, encouraging active participation from all attendees.
  • Interact, connect, and effortlessly discover suitable business partners. Cultivate valuable relationships and carry on the conversation beyond our platform.
  • Prepare to ride the crest of the data revolution, embarking on a remarkable journey that will leave you inspired, empowered, and equipped with priceless knowledge.
  • Gain exclusive insights from industry experts on Data Governance, Integration Strategies, Advanced Analytics, Data Privacy, Ethics, and emerging trends in augmented analytics.
  • Explore topics such as Data Lineage, Predictive Modelling, Data Security, Ethics in AI, and emerging technologies like explainable AI and self-service analytics platforms.

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