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EOS Congested, Will dApps Start Migrating to Tron or Other Blockchains?

Tue, 11/26/2019 - 09:06
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Yuri Molchan
EarnBet dApp promises to leave EOS in a month unless EOS solves the problem with its intense congestion and the EIDOS dapp that is causing it
EOS Congested, Will dApps Start Migrating to Tron or Other Blockchains?
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The EOS blockchain has been having trouble for almost a month now due to the EIDOS dApp. Since November 1, EIDOS has been overloading the EOS mainnet, similar to the case of CryptoKitties on Ethereum.

What used to be free transactions on EOS has now turned into a minimum 100-EOS stake necessary to perform operations.

EarnBet dApp has asked EOS Block Producers (BP) to solve the problem or the dApp will be the first to leave in 30 days.

EIDOS blocks EOS chain

EOS users have been having difficulties since early November due to great congestion of the network preventing it from working properly. The reason is the EIDOS dApp that has issued a Waste token on EOS.

"EIDOS token’s current utility is NOTHING but motivating users to WASTE the EOS Mainnet’s CPU."

The EarnBet team in its Medium blog describes the situation as follows:

“The EOS mainnet is in a sad state. With intense network congestion and spam, users are unable to access their EOS accounts. Currently, the network requires around 30 EOS staked to an account in order to perform a single transaction each day.”

The author of the article then points out that what once was proclaimed to be ‘free transactions’ is now gone and the transaction fees currently are sometimes higher than those on the Bitcoin chain. The article further says that now users have to stake more than 100 EOS to conduct any transactions.

It seems that the only way to make transactions on EOS at the moment is to buy resources through the system contract dubbed REX. However, the article points out, the system has been in the ‘shutdown mode’ and users cannot take their EOS back or take more REX loans.

“What started as “zero transaction fees” turned into the most convoluted and confusing transaction fee model in the history of blockchain.”

EarnBet dApp determined to leave

The betting dApp EarnBet that allows users to make sports bets via staking crypto (EOS, BTC, LTC, etc) now cannot afford to transact on the EOS network. They request that EOS Block Producers start governing the network properly (most certainly meaning ‘get rid of EIDOS and prevent similar cases in the future’) or they will leave in 30 days.

Is Tron a way out for EarnBet?

Last year, Tron entered the global gaming industry. A popular Ethereum-based game EtherGoo migrated to Tron and rebranded as TronGoo.

Tron also teamed with 0xGames to launch their 0xWarriors gaming dApp on its blockchain.

Now, a prominent supporter of Tron, the CCO of BeatzCoin, Misha Lederman suggests that Tron may be a good option for EarnBet to use in the current situation. Tron also has numerous dApps that work in the sphere of sports betting.

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