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DOGE Creator Fails to Subscribe to Elon Musk on Twitter as $4.20 Subscription Fee Promised by Musk

Fri, 04/14/2023 - 10:05
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Yuri Molchan
Doge co-creator faces some technical issues while trying to subscribe to Musk using new feature he is rolling out on Twitter
DOGE Creator Fails to Subscribe to Elon Musk on Twitter as $4.20 Subscription Fee Promised by Musk
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Billy Markus, who co-founded Dogecoin with Jackson Palmer back in 2013, and who is currently at active Twitter user, has been trying to subscribe to Elon Musk using the new Subscriptions feature for content creators that Musk is introducing on Twitter.

Markus, however, along with other users, has faced certain technical difficulties doing that. Musk has explained what is happening and added that he might change the price of a subscription from $4 to his favorite digit, $4.20.

Elon Musk rolling out new feature

On April 13, Twitter boss and tech billionaire Musk, announced that the platform is rolling out a Subscription feature that will allow content creators to make a profit off their efforts on Twitter.

Musk explained in a tweet that content makers need to tap the "Monetization" tab in the settings. They will be able to offer their subscribers "any material, from longform text to hours of long video."

Musk also said that, for the upcoming year, Twitter will not keep any money, so creators will receive 70% from subscriptions on iOS and Android devices (these platforms themselves charge 30%) and 92% from subscribers on the web. Depending on the payment processor, this amount could be higher than 92%.

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Musk promises to change subscription price to $4.20

After the first year, the fees charged by the aforementioned OS providers will drop from 30% to 15%, and Twitter "will add a small amount on top of that, depending on volume," Musk wrote.

The important thing here is that, at any time, creators can leave Twitter if they choose to and take their content with them; it will not belong to Twitter, Musk specified — "easy in, easy out."

The platform will also help to promote creators' work since Twitter's goal here is to "maximize creator prosperity."

Dogecoin designer @cb_doge asked Musk, as a joke, to change the subscription price from $4 to $4.20 per month — Musk's favorite digit related to marijuana and DOGE memes. Musk agreed to that suggestion, stating, "Great point. We will add that!"

Doge creator and many others fail to subscribe to Musk

Billy Markus shared a GIF of a glitch that a device catches when having problems when loading a page to show that he has failed to subscribe to Musk. Other users, in the comments, shared that they are facing the same problem. Apparently, they have been trying to subscribe from iOS devices.

Musk responded that "all subscribers have to be approved by Apple for iOS. We're waiting for the next batch to be approved."

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