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DeepTradeBot Brings AI-Based Strategies to Crypto Trading

Tue, 08/04/2020 - 15:45
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Vladislav Sopov
According to many sources, the lion’s share of trades on stock exchanges are initiated by automated instruments. DeepTradeBot provides crypto traders with this experience
DeepTradeBot Brings AI-Based Strategies to Crypto Trading
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In accordance with the terms of use of the service, U.S. citizens and residents are not allowed to use it, so it is prohibited for them to be onboarded by DeepTradeBot instruments.

A trading bot is a software instrument that executes trades on exchange platforms using the power of artificial intelligence. It predicts the price swings of a chosen asset and calculates the best moment to buy or sell it. Typically, trading bots work with stock, precious metal and forex trading pairs, but DeepTradeBot makes AI-based trading possible for the crypto segment.

Introducing DeepTradeBot

DeepTradeBot was developed by the U.K.-registered team Deep Neuro Networks LTD, a well-known development studio focused on artificial intelligence solutions and cloud computing. Its main product, DeepTradeBot, is a collection of automated trading instruments. Every instrument analyzes a large amount of data, builds trading strategy and initiates the trade following this strategy.

The creators of DeepTradeBot instruments claim that their tools mitigate all human-related trade-offs in building trading strategies. Mostly, it is about the limited capacity of the human mind to process an extreme volume of data and the emotional element of trading.

Trading bots of all sorts

DeepTradeBot instruments operate on major industry-level cryptocurrency exchanges in 24/7 format. Their activity includes four main strategies:

  1. High-frequency trading. Bot scans the orderbook, waiting for the most attractive order to fill.
  2. Trading arbitration. Bot analyzes all quotations on multiple platforms, considering the given trading pair and finding the best arbitrage opportunity.
  3. Algorithmic trading. Bot uses the patterns of technical analysis and predicts the next direction in price movement.
  4. Fundamentals-based trading. Artificial intelligence scans news and social media platforms coverage for particular assets and attempts to predict their future performance.

Currently, the product team offers four types of bots. The more advanced the bot chosen by the customer, the more powerful the computational volume it operates. To simplify the calculations, Deep Neuro Networks LTD introduced its NeuroFLOPS indicator.

DeepTradeBot offers four types of rental plans
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Thus, the newbie trader can enjoy StandartBot with 10 NFS while the sophisticated cryptocurrencies veteran can choose NetPremium Bot with 40 NFS.

Also, the MiniBot "starter-pack" trading instrument is always available free of charge. It works with deposits of up to 250 USD, so it is the best way to demonstrate the possibilities of the platform.

VIP Investor Club: exclusive earning experience with DeepTradeBot

To meet the requirements of VIP customers, the creators of DeepTradeBot launched a closed premium program, VIP Investor Club. The user of the platform's trading instrument can join it for a reasonable one-time fee.

Membership in the program opens access to a significant number of extra options, e.g., limited trading bots with unique performance, improved membership fee programs with much higher earning possibilities and more.

MLM experts will also enjoy a lucrative opportunity to join the extensive network of referral levels as one more profitable option of VIP Investor Club membership. The most successful VIP Investor Club members can join the organizational structure of the platform and obtain access to new benefits and higher incomes.

In a nutshell, with the membership structures of the VIP Investor Club, crypto traders can earn not only by trading with automated instruments, but also from periodic referral fees from their teams.

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