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CoinZoom Develops One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem for Pros and Newbies, Here's How

Tue, 11/16/2021 - 12:56
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Vladislav Sopov
CoinZoom team shares the details of its multi-platform offering for seamless cryptocurrency storage and remittances
CoinZoom Develops One-Stop Crypto Ecosystem for Pros and Newbies, Here's How
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CoinZoom is building an ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that is designed to introduce digital assets to no-coiners and to guarantee an unmatched experience for those already familiar with blockchain and Web3.0.

Banking, decentralized: CoinZoom is on its way to becoming one-stop shop for crypto

Introduced in March 2020, U.S.-incorporated application CoinZoom has already booked a spot among the top fintech applications for all sorts of customers. Released under its umbrella are the basic CoinZoom App, advanced products CoinZoom Pro and Trader Web App, CoinZoom Earn passive income instrument and CoinZoom Commerce B2B solution.

Also, CoinZoom's stack of tools includes the ZoomMe platform and CoinZoom Visa plastic card tailored for crypto-to-fiat conversion and seamless value transfers from crypto accounts.

Lowering the entry barrier for newcomers to crypto is one of the core focuses of the CoinZoom team, as stressed by its co-founder Ben Crosland:

Our first version, CoinZoom Pro, is geared toward hardcore crypto traders. We have all the charts and different statistics that we use to speculate the market and make investment decisions throughout the platform (…) By the end of the year, your grandma can download the CoinZoom app and send you crypto.

The CoinZoom Visa card project is among the most popular retail payments applications for merchants worldwide. It is accepted by 53 million merchants globally; the app supports 40 various cryptocurrencies and 120 markets in total.

CoinZoom is going to challenge the supremacy of old-fashioned payments giants as it promotes itself as the "CashApp and Venmo" of cryptocurrencies.

Empowering crypto apps with unparalleled FX expertise

Sending money between CoinZoom accounts also solves the problem of high fees—in particular for enthusiasts of Ethereum and Bitcoin. When money does not leave CoinZoom, there is no need to pay gas fees. As such, even cross-border remittances are charged with trivial commissions.

In the first 20 months after launch, CoinZoom has already onboarded almost 200,000 active users and is laser-focused on the next stages of its mass adoption.

CoinZoom leverages an impressive ForEx background. Todd Crosland (father of the CoinZoom CEO) runs Interbank FX, one of the largest foreign currency trading ecosystems worldwide.

CoinZoom will onboard all of the new crypto enthusiasts inspired by the ongoing cryptocurrencies mania.

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