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BTCDomain's New Upgrade Welcomes the Era of On-Chain Websites with Enhanced User Experience

Mon, 06/26/2023 - 09:12
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Vladislav Sopov
Here's how BTCDomain allows use of Bitcoin (BTC) as backbone element of domain registration platform
BTCDomain's New Upgrade Welcomes the Era of On-Chain Websites with Enhanced User Experience
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BTCDomain is among the first projects that allow website owners to claim .btc domain names in a decentralized manner. Also, BTCDomain is the earliest to implement full on-chain websites through a technology similar to recursive inscription. The June 2023 upgrade makes the process of domain purchasing more streamlined than ever before. 

BTCDomain upgrades its Bitcoin-based Domain competitor, shares details of new UX/UI

BTCDomain, an alternative domain names registrar focused on using Bitcoin (BTC) computational resources for website hosting, has shared the details of its major update. A number of new features make the experience with "Bitcoin domains" easier for new and existing customers.

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First of all, BTCDomain completely revamped the process of purchasing domains on blockchain. As the upgrade kicks off, Bitcoin (BTC) enthusiasts can either authorize purchasing with Unisat, XVerse or other BTC wallets. Also, MetaMask authorization is available: BTCDomain can use Metamask as a signer to generate a Taproot address on the Bitcoin mainnet by performing a series of encryption operations on an EVM address. 

Immediately after choosing a wallet, users can proceed to purchasing Bitcoin-based domain names. In a single transaction, users of BTCDomain can select multiple domains to buy.

Once a BTCDomain customer selects all preferred domain names, he or she can proceed to the "Continue to Cart" menu and finalize the details of the new purchase. At this step, users fill in the address to receive selected domains, set up the period of domain hosting in years, adjust gas fees and go to the "Ready to Pay" menu.

More payment options added to BTCDomain

Should the user choose the option of paying with a Unisat wallet, they will be invited to the "Continue Payment" menu. Then, users can continue payment in a few minutes.

Also, BTCDomain customers can purchase domain names directly with their Bitcoin (BTC) wallets using BTC as payment method. Once the payment is authorized, the user should click the "I have paid" button. The BTCDomain system will lock the domain and automatically proceed to the inscription process.

Alongside Bitcoin (BTC) payments from the noncustodial wallet and Unisat, BTCDomain accepts payments USDT, ETH and any other basic tokens. Such payments are processed via MixPay. For example, the protocol of BTCDomain's partners also supports operations with major altcoins, including XRP, SOL, BUSD, Eos and meme coins SHIB and Dogecoin DOGE.

After processing payments, users can click the "Wallet Address" part in the top right corner to check the status of all purchased domains and their availability.

Advanced inscriptions features for website developers now and everyone in the future

To enhance the UX of new and existing users, BTCDomain revamped the user profile design. With the new upgrade, the user can see his or her avatar displayed next to a list of owned domains. Through the new interface, customers can directly send Bitcoins (BTC) to BTC-based domains.

Thanks to the upgraded Inscriptions interface, users can seamlessly add and track all sorts of content stored via the functionality of the Bitcoin (BTC) network, including domains, images and other files.

Last but not least, the BTCDomain team is the first in the segment to start offering fully on-chain websites secured by the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain:

Essentially, we resolve the domain name to its associated address, and locate the link file inscription tied to that address. We then read the content within the link file and identify the HTML inscription's number. Once we've located the content on bitcoin, we present it through your Web2 website explorer. Importantly, this content is stored directly on the Bitcoin mainnet, emphasizing the security and decentralization of the process.

Until now, BTCDomain has provided several demo websites which are stored on Bitcoin Mainnet. Open to see the first demo, open to play a small game on mobile.

In the coming months, the team of BTCDomain is going to roll out a one-click personal on-chain homepage feature designed to ease the creation of personal websites.

“On-chain websites will bring new value empowerment to .btc domains.“ Andy Tian, co-founder of BTCDomain said, “We will enable every domain holder to deploy a personal website on the Bitcoin network, through a modular and scalable inscription system and all at a low threshold and cost. This will enable more users to access Bitcoin’s on-chain content through web2 methods.”

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