New! Bitcoin Price Prediction: $3,600 BTC Price Is a Very Likely Scenario. When to Invest in Bitcoin (BTC)?
New! Bitcoin Price Prediction: $3,600 BTC Price Is a Very Likely Scenario. When to Invest in Bitcoin (BTC)?

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction — How Much Will BCH Cost in 2019, 2020, and 2025?

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    🔥🤔🔱Perhaps Bitcoin Cash is the most successful fork of Bitcoin. As a result, people find it attractive for investments

Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction — How Much Will BCH Cost in 2019, 2020, and 2025?
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Bitcoin Cash is a cryptocurrency created as a result of Bitcoin’s fork which aimed to improve the technical characteristics of the main cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is different from its predecessor, being a more advanced work model.

First, it is about the bandwidth of the Bitcoin Cash network, since its block size is 4 times as large – 8MB. Secondly, the BCH network can rightly be considered more decentralized, since its mining is possible with ordinary GPU (video cards), which allows more users to earn money from the mining of coins.

But in November 2018, the Bitcoin Cash community was divided in its views on the development of the project. As a result, the Bitcoin SV (BSV) cryptocurrency emerged, with supporters including Craig Wright, Calvin Ayre, and the nChain development team. Bitcoin Cash continues to deal with the development of “Bitcoin-Jesus” Roger Ver, and the founder of Bitmain, Jihan Wu.

Bitcoin battle

How the rate of BCH changed for the whole history

After the Bitcoin Cash network was forked, Bitcoin owners received the same amount of BCH to their accounts. Most people liked it, considering that the rate of the new coin initially was $240 and in a few days, it rose to $500. But even a confident start did not convince the owners of free coins: trying to play it safe, many of them decided to sell Bitcoin Cash and purchased Bitcoin with money they received. As a result, the price of the new coin has fallen to $300.

This was followed by several “bearish” trends, apparently organized by the developers themselves. The first price increase (up to $900) happened at the end of August, followed by a smooth drop to $320 for 2.5 months. In November, BCH managed to grow even more – almost to $1,800, and then to $3,600 in December. During this time, the new coin increased its presence on cryptocurrency exchanges, increased capitalization, and as a result, took one of the leading places in cryptocurrency rating.

In May 2018 there was a hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash network, which was the reason for the next BCH growth (to $1,700). As a result, the fork of the new coin did not appear: the developers' goal was only to improve the blockchain, including increasing the block from 8 to 32MB. This innovation has increased network scalability and had a positive impact on the viability of the coin.

Bitcoin Cash hard fork

Another small increase occurred at the beginning of June ($1,170). Since then, the most famous Bitcoin fork, like all other coins, has experienced a period of correction.

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Bitcoin Cash Price Prediction 2019

We have listed the top 6 factors that could influence Bitcoin Cash’s rate:

  • Broad support. Soon after BCH was created, it set a record for the number of trading platforms that added it to the list of trading pairs. Today, the coin is present on all the leading exchanges: Binance, Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken, Bithumb, Bitstamp, GDAX, Bittrex. This makes BCH accessible to a wide range of users and allows to save on commissions. For example, the relatively young Crypstyx exchange, in the listing of which there is also BCH, works directly with the euro. This means that you can deposit into your wallet with a simple bank transfer. In the near future, the developers are about to introduce the function of depositing and withdrawing funds on a debit card.

  • The possibility of safe storage. BCH has six official wallets: Unlimited, ABC, Parity, XT, Flowee, and Bitprim. In addition, this asset is supported by hardware wallets Ledger, Nano S and Trezor, convenient multi-currency versions of Exodus and Jaxx, and online wallets Blockchain.info, CoinBase, BTC.com, WMH, etc.

  • Community. Supporters of BCH started to unite even before the official release of the coin. The backbone of the community was formed by those who fought for holding hardforks. Even today, at a difficult time for the entire industry, the volume of BCH capitalization is approaching $3 billion.

  • High speed and low transaction costs.

  • Compliance with the principles of cryptocurrency outlined by Satoshi Nakamoto. The Bitcoin Cash network is developed in accordance with the scenario of the creator of the original Bitcoin. The developers are about to provide the technical ability to enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency to all people on the globe. They are planning to develop educational projects and create charitable foundations for third world countries.

  • Availability of opportunities to transform into a global cryptocurrency for daily payments.

Forecasts from analytical agencies

  • CoinOracle experts calculate the rate of BCH according to its own algorithm. The forecast is constantly updated with the latest trends on the stock exchanges, cryptocurrency news in general and the Bitcoin Cash project in particular. Today, the Bitcoin Cash forecast for 2019 from CoinOracle is $2,406.

  • TradingBeasts assumes that the rate of the most popular hard fork will be from $4,037 to $5,937 until the end of 2020.

Bitcoin Cash plans for 2020-2025: life after hard forks continues

In early January, the Bitcoin Cash team announced development plans for the upcoming years. The changes will affect both the blockchain and the wallet.

The platform is expected to receive important updates:

  • Graphene or XThinner technology integration, as well as QUIC transport protocol

  • API improvement

  • Implementation of the Bitcoin protocol BIP70

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To invest or not to invest?

The cost of Bitcoin Cash is growing rapidly. Cryptocurrency, separated from Bitcoin, is undoubtedly in demand among specialists and is already actively bought up by beginners who do not understand what is at stake. Everyone wants a repetition of Bitcoin’s history.

In August 2019, the rate is supposed to reach 1000 - 1200 dollars. However, there are many factors that could lead to the fall of BCH or its growth. You should look to the future, study forecasts and invest your personal money only in projects that have potential.

There is no need to panic if there is a decrease in the rate. That is how the cryptocurrency market works: the rate rises, then drops sharply, followed by rapid upward trends. This allows investors to increase their capital by many times.

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Nem Price Prediction 2019-20-25 — How Much Will XEM Cost?

  • Denys Serhiichuk
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    📖🤓Most of the cryptocurrencies lost their value during 2018, however, some of them have potential for future growth. NEM or “New Economic Movement” is such a coin. This digital asset is a unique one, as it is not similar to the most popular cryptos, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, for example. In this article, we analyze the potential of NEM and predict its price within the next few years.

Nem Price Prediction 2019-20-25 — How Much Will XEM Cost?
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The cryptocurrency NEM stands out from the rest of altcoins. This is a young digital currency that has become especially popular among users in Asia.

NEM Platform Features

The founder of the cryptocurrency NEM (XEM) is considered to be a member of the popular portal bitcointalk.org, which is known by the nickname “Utopian Future”. In the second half of January 2014, the user began to discuss the created digital asset and received support from other forum participants.

NEM is an abbreviation for New Economic Movement. The title of digital money is the mission of the project.

The goal of the NEM platform is to create a digital asset that is used in all areas of the economy. Later, an organization called the NEM Foundation was founded, the main task of which is the development of digital currency.

NEM logo

The release of the NEM platform with the XEM coin took place at the end of March 2015. The new cryptocurrency quickly gained popularity in the “Land of the Rising Sun”, and later among users of other Asian countries. The success of the digital money has been driven by its unique features and benefits.

The coin has the following advantages:

  • Unique PoI algorithm (proof-of-importance), which ensures stable operation of the system and automatic confirmation of new units. Today, PoI looks the most successful and fair in comparison with PoW, as well as PoS and its modifications. The amount of remuneration to participants depends on several factors: the number of coins in the wallet, the number of transactions performed, the duration of participation in the system. Block generation time is only 60 seconds, which is one of the highest rates in the industry.

  • Convenience for users. The program used by the platform supports all operating systems. It can be downloaded from the official NEM website.

  • High security. Algorithm Catapult has its own system of self-diagnosis, eliminates the possibility of duplicate payments and prevents system failures. All this provides a high level of protection against cyber attacks.

  • Transaction Rate. The processing of operations on the NEM network takes just seconds, throughput is up to 4 thousand / sec.

  • The limited supply of 9 billion XEM tokens helps to maintain a stable exchange rate.

  • Adaptation of NEM wallets for any, including mobile devices.

  • The constant amount of commission - 0.01% of the transaction.

In the near future, the team is planning to implement solutions to increase the scalability of the network, to develop an innovative COMSA platform focused on supporting ICOs, and to focus on further cooperation with the banking sector. Many Asian and European banks are testing the benefits of the NEM blockchain in terms of using smart contracts and faster and cheaper transactions.

COMSA ecosystem

In addition, this year the project’s founders are about to open a science lab and the NEM Blockchain Innovation coworking center. The objective of the project is to promote the platform and assist in its practical use. It is reported that there are investors who are ready to invest $40 million in this idea. It is difficult to say how this is combined with the recent news about serious financial difficulties and the possible dismissal of employees.

Another project awaiting implementation is its own cryptocurrency exchange.

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NEM Price Prediction 2019

At the turn of 2017-18, in the period of an unprecedented rise in the cryptocurrency market, experts and specialized agencies vividly published forecasts, in which they announced even more intensive growth of XEM in the near future. Many promised the rise to $40-50 and called for investing with the expectation of 20 to 30-fold income. It is clear that any predictions, especially those related to numbers, can be risky.

NEM Price Prediction

But even today, the majority of analysts estimate XEM as still positive. They do not associate the current state of affairs exclusively with the general bearish trend of the market.

Experts also emphasize that the XEM token has the main advantages of two high-tech cryptocurrencies at once: Ethereum and Ripple. The first is related to the use of smart contract technology, and the second is focused on working with the traditional financial sector. Japan, which was the first to legalize cryptocurrencies, recognized XEM as an official means of payment.

At the same time, Japanese commercial structures wishing to use the coin as a financial instrument are required to purchase a license for $300 thousand and have at least $100 thousand in an XEM coin account.

According to various forecasts, by the end of 2019, the rate of XEM may increase several times and reach the level of $0.10 - $0.20. However, much will depend on general industry trends.

NEM Price Prediction 2020 and beyond

NEM logo

In the past, we have already seen the cost of XEM to be near $2, after which a slow decline in value began, but it was caused by a general market correction. Achievement of the price of $1.92 was caused by the fourth Elliot Wave. From the fifth wave and the upcoming general news background in the cryptocurrency market, we expect an increase in value to 4-6 dollars by the end of 2019.

Re-testing of the $1.92 level can happen much earlier, and there are all the prerequisites that this will happen in the first half of 2020. According to some forecasts, the cost of the cryptocurrency can rise to 20-30 dollars in a couple of years.

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Is it worth buying NEM now?

In general, investment in XEM, given the current rate around the lower boundary, seems quite attractive. However, experienced players warn newbies about the need to “put eggs in different baskets”. The NEM blockchain updates planned for 2019, in addition to increasing the speed and throughput, are fraught with potential failures, bugs, and hacker attacks. When making a decision to invest, you need to take all this into account.

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