Association of Crypto Companies Launches BTC-Reward For Whistleblowers

  • Yuri Molchan
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    100 BTC are prepared as rewards within the Crypto Watch Program

Association of Crypto Companies Launches BTC-Reward For Whistleblowers

The first E-commerce P2P marketplace, ECoinmerce, working through tokens, has announced the creation of the Crypto Community Watch program in cooperation with some other startups. It provides an opportunity for all whistleblowers, who want to stay anonymous, to help investigate crypto criminals, including hackers.

The goal of the program is to deal with bad guys in the crypto industry and reward good ones. For this purpose, the group has allocated 100 Bitcoins which are stored in an escrow wallet, which will be used to award those who anonymously tip off the new “crypto Robinhoods.”

According to the ECoinmerce COO, the crypto industry should be the first to deal with criminals in this area, and regulators should interfere only after that.

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