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Agrotoken Teams up With Tanssi to Advance Agro Finance Segment in South America via Polkadot (DOT)

Tue, 9/07/2024 - 13:00
Agrotoken Teams up With Tanssi to Advance Agro Finance Segment in South America via Polkadot (DOT)
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Appchain infrastructure platform Tanssi has entered into a long-term strategic cooperation with Agrotoken, a pioneering global tokenization platform for agricultural commodities. The collab will fuel novel solutions for agriculture businesses in South America.

Agrotoken, Tanssi score partnership to leverage Polkadot (DOT) for agriculture finances in South America

Agrotoken, a cutting-edge tokenization platform for agriculture businesses, scored a partnership with Tanssi, a multi-purpose appchain protocol for Web3 venues. The two teams will work together on Polkadot-based agro-finance solutions for the South American market.

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Inaugural iterations of joint products will be focused on Brazil and Argentina, with more regional agriculture heavyweights to come.

Agrotoken will leverage Tanssi’s dedicated appchain technology to develop a blockchain-based solution for collateralizing loans with tokenized grains. This necessitates complex processes for tracking grain values, loan terms, ownership transfers and repayment schedules that a general-purpose blockchain cannot easily handle. Equipped with its own appchain, Agrotoken will be able to efficiently digitize commodities and manage their lifecycle.

Agrotoken CTO and cofounder Ariel Scaliter is enthusiastic about the opportunities the collaboration with Tanssi unlocks for his team and the tokenization segment as a whole:

We are very excited to start working with Tanssi on account of their scalable infrastructure built with Polkadot and its simplicity in implementation. This collaboration will allow us to explore natural resource tokenization with greater speed and flexibility.

Agrotoken operates in major agricultural markets, where agribusiness represents a significant portion of GDP, including Brazil (22%), Argentina (6.6%) and the United States (5.5%). Due to the size and complexity of the market, Agrotoken requires a robust, reliable and scalable infrastructure, characteristics that are inherent to appchains, Tanssi's main business projects.

New accomplishments for tokenization in agriculture business

As a pioneer of many critical solutions for the segment, Agrotoken hit a number of amazing tech progress and business development milestones since its launch.

The platform has already tokenized $70 million deals in cereals, the equivalent of 230,000 tons of soybeans, corn and wheat. As this activity scales, Tanssi's support will power Agrotoken's growth while maintaining optimum performance. Tanssi will provide Agrotoken with essential infrastructure tools as a service, enabling the launch of its appchain with just a few clicks, and will support block production along with key integrations such as oracles and wallets.

This collaboration marks the first agrobusiness use case to be developed within the Tanssi ecosystem, which operates on Polkadot’s Substrate, a battle-tested framework for decentralized applications and interconnected sub-blockchains.


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