18,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Transacted to BitMEX Wallet

  • Yuri Molchan
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    A transaction of almost 20,000 BTC made to BitMEX, crypto community shocked

18,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Transacted to BitMEX Wallet
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Some members of the crypto community have noticed that BTC was sent twice to a wallet on BitMEX. The first one sent just 10 Bitcoins, but then another 16 wallets sent almost 18,000 BTC. The total number of Bitcoins on the destination wallet now equals $114 mln.

Users on Twitter have made several conclusions– from a BTC-whale transmitting his coins to the platform in a bid to manipulate the market later on to BitMEX itself trying to increase the liquidity of its assets.

It has been also reported, though, that the coins went to a cold storage wallet.

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