Yuri Molchan

18,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Transacted to BitMEX Wallet

A transaction of almost 20,000 BTC made to BitMEX, crypto community shocked
18,000 Bitcoin (BTC) Transacted to BitMEX Wallet

Some members of the crypto community have noticed that BTC was sent twice to a wallet on BitMEX. The first one sent just 10 Bitcoins, but then another 16 wallets sent almost 18,000 BTC. The total number of Bitcoins on the destination wallet now equals $114 mln.

Users on Twitter have made several conclusions– from a BTC-whale transmitting his coins to the platform in a bid to manipulate the market later on to BitMEX itself trying to increase the liquidity of its assets.

It has been also reported, though, that the coins went to a cold storage wallet.

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