17,320 BTC Moved from Top Exchanges to Anon Wallets – Are Whales Waiting for Leap Over $10,000?

Wed, 05/20/2020 - 09:18
Yuri Molchan

Whale Alert reports that over the past 15 hours, 17,320 BTC has been moved from top exchanges, Binance and Bitfinex - whales could be waiting for a $10,000 breach

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Bitcoin has been unable to flip the crucial $10,000 resistance so far, so it seems that some of Bitcoin whales might be withdrawing part of their riches from top crypto exchanges to wait for BTC to reach a higher price level.

Over the past fifteen hours, several major transactions have been spotted, totally carrying 17,320 BTC. That amounts to $169,420,602.

17,320 BTC transferred, Binance and Bitfinex involved

Whale Alert Twitter account has detected several large transactions, carrying from 1,145 BTC to 5,000 BTC.

5,000 BTC was transferred from the major exchange Bitfinex to a wallet with an unregistered owner.

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3,058 BTC went from Binance to an unknown cryptocurrency wallet. Also, a substantial amount of Bitcoin got moved from OKEx to Binance – 2,645 BTC.

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Apart from that somebody withdrew 3,164 BTC from the aforementioned OKEx platform to an anonymous wallet and 1,593 BTC from Coinbase.

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BTC transfer fee is $5.82 but should be lower soon

As reported by U.Today previously, on Tuesday, crypto whales sent 14,922 BTC from one anonymous wallet to another. That totals $143,962,779.

Another jaw-dropping transaction sent 19,366,588 EOS between unregistered wallets ($51,185,238).

Meanwhile, the founder of Quantum Economics Mati Greenspan has pointed out that at the moment an average fee for sending BTC is $5.82.

Quite expensive, he admitted, but still Bitcoin here works better than altcoins, he stated. Greenspan expects the BTC transfer fee to go back to normal in 91 blocks when the Bitcoin difficulty gets adjusted.

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