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ZCash News - Zcash Hard Fork Opens User Data, Team Is Working on Patch

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News of the coming hard hard fork pushed Zcash upwards last week
Zcash Hard Fork Opens User Data, Team Is Working on Patch

On Monday, the Zcash platform upgraded to the Sapling protocol. The update will enable users to carry out protected operations and will increase the system’s capacity.

The updated network will also decrease the time necessary for transaction processing by 90 percent and also will require less computer memory for making encrypted transactions.

Right after Sapling was activated, users of the zcashd client got access to the new type of addresses. Currently, transactions from old addresses to new ones can be done only with the disclosure of the amount to be sent. The Zcash team is working on protecting the user data privacy while transacting their funds.

Two weeks ago, Zcash jumped 16 percent on the announcement of the coming hardfork.

At the time of writing, the coin is trading at $121.76 after a small rise.

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