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Venom Blockchain to Launch in Testnet Next Week

Thu, 04/20/2023 - 16:15
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Vladislav Sopov
Venom Blockchain shares details of its multi-network testnet launch and demonstrates first dApps
Venom Blockchain to Launch in Testnet Next Week
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Venom, a first-ever Abu Dhabi-licensed blockchain, is ready to invite testers to experiment with its smart contracts. Besides the blockchain platform itself, participants in its testnet will be able to experiment with the first generation of Venom-based decentralized applications of various types.

Venom Blockchain activates its testing network next week

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Venom Blockchain, a smart contracts platform licensed by ADGM (Abu Dhabi), its testnet iteration is about to launch next week. The testnet will be opened to all cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in working with a cutting-edge experimental blockchain.

The testnet is designed to meet the requirements of both developers and blockchain users. With the testnet version of Venom activated, developers will be able to stress test the blockchain and debug it, while ordinary users can try sending transactions.

In order to join the first group of testers, crypto enthusiasts need to first install the Venom wallet as a Google chrome plug-in or through either the app or Google Play marketplace.

Then, users can kickstart their experience with Venom ecosystem by claiming testnet VENOM tokens. With these tokens, dApps will be able to emulate the real-world operations of Venom.

Venom Foundation Announces $1 Billion Venture Fund to Support Web3 Projects

As covered by U.Today previously, Venom Foundation launched a $1 billion fund to support cryptocurrency startups in UAE. This is the first initiative of this class licensed by local regulators.

Series of tasks will be introduced to stress test Venom Blockchain and its dApps

Besides the blockchain itself, its testnet campaign will cover the first generation of decentralized applications. Some of them — like easy-to-use explorer VenomScan — will be offered by the Venom team itself, while others will be curated by third-party developers.

Participants in the testnet campaign will be able to work at 100,000 TPS throughput, with a dynamic sharding system for unmatched scalability and network resilience.

Also, to introduce the blockchain to the technical community, Venom Foundation will publish a complete software documentation kit. It will ease the onboarding of new applications to the Venom ecosystem.

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