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Top 3 Holders of LADYS Token Blacklisted

Mon, 05/15/2023 - 11:22
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Arman Shirinyan
Unsurprisingly, LADYS management decided to blacklist some major holders
Top 3 Holders of LADYS Token Blacklisted
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The top 10 holders of the LADYS token (excluding exchanges and contract addresses) possess an astounding 180 trillion LADYS, which equates to 20.3% of the total supply. Of these, the three largest holders have recently been added to the blacklist.

DWF Labs holds a significant 30.7 trillion LADYS, accounting for 3.5% of the total supply. Interestingly, one of the blacklisted addresses, identified as "0xAf23," has previously been blacklisted by another token, PEPE. Before being blacklisted by the LADYS deployer, the holder managed to sell off a majority of their LADYS tokens, securing a profit of 52 Ethereum.

Two addresses, "0x44F9" and "0x3c7A," have made some intriguing moves. The former purchased LADYS tokens exclusively after cross-chaining 9.78 Ethereum, while the latter withdrew 10.89 Ethereum from Binance only to buy LADYS. These transactions suggest possible insider trading and could be the reason for their blacklisting.

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DWF Labs also comes under scrutiny, as two of its addresses together hold a staggering 30.7 trillion LADYS (worth approximately $4.5 million). Moreover, DWF Labs' "0xd4b6" address transferred 2.2 trillion LADYS to exchanges at the token's peak price. Although DWF Labs claimed this was for market-making purposes, this move has raised investors' concerns around LADYS token.

Several other addresses have seen significant profits from trading LADYS. Address "0x3269" bought 9.17 trillion LADYS (currently worth $1.35 million) for a mere 3.31 Ethereum (around $6,189), generating a profit of $1.35 million — a 218-fold increase. Similarly, address "0xc484" bought 8.03 trillion LADYS (currently worth $1.18 million) for 24 Ethereum ($44,317), making a profit of $1.14 million — a 26-fold increase.

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