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Telegram Becomes Increasingly Popular Among Crypto Traders, Here’s Why

Tue, 11/01/2022 - 13:27
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Vladislav Sopov
Telegram Messenger by Durov brothers is go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts over globe; how can they benefit while reading Telegram channels?
Telegram Becomes Increasingly Popular Among Crypto Traders, Here’s Why
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Telegram Messenger, a mainstream cross-platform messaging application, is a beloved service for cryptocurrency enthusiasts from all over the globe. Largely, they browse through Telegram channels seeking valuable trading and technical insights.

Telegram Messenger offers feature-rich toolkit for traders

Since its launch in 2013, Telegram Messenger has evolved into the leading platform for crypto-oriented Internet users. First and foremost, every media outlet launched in Telegram is witnessing an enormous inflow of users.

Telegram is popular among tech-savvy, active users with high financial literacy: that is why it is a go-to platform for every information source related to finance, trading, blockchain, fintech and so on.

Telegram is a cross-platform messaging application; its users can browse the same Telegram channels on mobile, desktop, table and "smart watches" through a single account. That makes the reading and browsing experience seamless and comfortable for users with various levels of technical expertise.

What are crypto news channels and why are they popular

Also, Telegram Messenger is well known for its highlighted privacy features, the opportunity to write and launch special bots with unlimited data processing functionality, and even basic financial operations like a crypto exchange, lending/borrowing, investing and so on.

Last but not least, with its patented cryptographically strong end-to-end encryption, Telegram Messenger is the most secure of mainstream messaging applications for private and commercial use.

As such, there are a lot of channels with cryptocurrency content in Telegram. Largely, they aggregate cryptocurrency news, price predictions, technical analysis and basic trading tips, and broadcast news about the cryptocurrency segment.

Some traders are using cryptocurrency channels while building and adjusting their trading strategies. This is why they remain popular in both bearish and bullish cycles of crypto market progress.

Introducing Bitcoin Industry Telegram channel, major crypto and blockchain news resource

Bitcoin Industry is a channel with over 428,000 subscribers focused on cryptocurrency news, the most profitable trading and investment ideas, and other Web3-related content. Every publication is released by a heavy-hitting team of seasoned crypto and trading professionals.

Bitcoin Industry channel has been in the game since 2015: as such, it went through two major bullish/bearish cycles. 

Largely, Bitcoin Industry team shares the most crucial news on Bitcoin, blue-chip altcoins as well as the announcements about early stage products in DeFi and NFT spheres.

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