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SYS Labs Introduces Rollux, Bitcoin-backed EVM L2

Wed, 06/28/2023 - 17:05
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Vladislav Sopov
Rollux, EVM-equivalent Optimistic rollup by SysCoin's developer SYS Labs, kicks off in mainnet
SYS Labs Introduces Rollux, Bitcoin-backed EVM L2
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With the new optimistic rollup solution launched, Ethereum (ETH) network can leverage the Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate for secure and powerful scaling. It accompanies the suite of Web3 products created and promoted by SYS Labs, creators of hybrid blockchain SysCoin (SYS).

SYS Labs launches Rollux, new-gen L2 optimistic rollup

According to the official announcement shared by SYS Labs, its hotly-anticipated second-layer product Rollux goes live in mainnet iteration. It is designed to scale Ethereum (ETH) via Optimistic Rollup, leveraging Bitcoin (BTC) as a security layer.

At its core, Rollux relies on the opportunities unlocked by SuperDapp, an AI-enhanced Web3 social platform. For instance, it has its own chat system, a built-in noncustodial wallet for seamless asset management, mobile applications and web interface.

SYS Labs Acquires FortKnoxster, Teases Social Crypto App SuperDapp

From the onset, Rollux grows as an integral part of a thriving ecosystem of cryptocurrency products that include Pegasys AMM-powered DeFi, Luxy NFT Platform, Pali Wallet, DAOSYS governance module and Camada, a noncustodial, regulatory-compliant crypto trading ecosystem.

Jagdeep Sidhu, CEO of SYS Labs, is excited by the feature-rich and high-performance design of his team's new brainchild:

Rollux is the embodiment of our shared vision and unwavering commitment. We're delivering on our promise of speed, decentralization, security, affordability, and scalability โ€” the core pillars of blockchain technology that we always believed were vital for fostering mass adoption.

So far, it is the only solution in global Web3 scene that combines the scaling power of the two largest blockchains, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

Many projects are going to build on Rollux, team reassures

Prior to the official mainnet release of Rollux, SYS Labs formed a number of alliances with Web3 teams. As a result, the first generation of products is already nearing launch on Rollux.

In its operations, the new solution guarantees the fastest speeds, the highest and scalable bandwidth and the most affordable user experience with negligible transaction fees, all while maintaining high levels of decentralization and security through merged mining with Bitcoin (BTC), the cryptocurrency with the largest hashrate.

Using the Bitcoin (BTC) hashrate makes 51% attacks against Rollux almost impossible even for well-funded, motivated and sophisticated hackers.

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