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Shiba Inu Team Working on Customized Cold SHIB Wallet: Details

Fri, 28/04/2023 - 11:27
Shiba Inu Team Working on Customized Cold SHIB Wallet: Details
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Vocal member of the SHIB community Lucie Sasnikokva, known on Twitter as @LucieSHIB, has shared a screenshot from the Shiba Inu Discord channel. It shows that the SHIB team is working on a cold wallet for Shiba Inu and is aiming to ink a partnership with two top crypto industry players.

Aiming at partnering with Huobi to release wallet

A member of the SHIB team on Discord named Shibarium1 spread the word that they are preparing for an AMA ("ask me anything") session with the leading Huobi exchange and CertiK, a prominent company dealing with blockchain and smart contracts. The message also speaks about "a possible partnership or collaboration having a customized Shib cold wallet."

The Shibarum1 user promises that the SHIB wallet currently in development will have "interesting technology and look" to it. If the SHIB team indeed launches its own customized cold crypto wallet, it would be another step for turning Shiba Inu from just a meme cryptocurrency into a real asset and investment tool.

This news comes almost two months after the launch of Shibarium beta called Puppynet, which was released on March 11. Since then, over 14 million wallets were connected to the testnet with more than 4.6 million transactions performed on it.


Shytoshi Kusama's new Twitter status puzzles SHIB army

Some members of the Shiba Inu community on Twitter have noticed a change in the Twitter geolocation status of SHIB lead Shytoshi Kusama and drawn public attention to it.

Today, Shytoshi is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. As a rule, a change in Kusama's Twitter status signifies some sort of development in the work on Shibarium and the Shiba Inu ecosystem overall.

Earlier this year, Shytoshi changed his location status to "Lab," "The Situation Room," etc. Since Cambridge is unlikely to signify anything related to IT development, the hint from Shytoshi, if there is one at all, remains unclear.

Recently, in the Shibarium Telegram chatroom "Shibarium Tech," Kusama explained the absence of any updates on the Layer 2 protocol recently. He stated that there have been plenty of updates since all the activities related to this chain and the tokens on it are public. "We're in go mode," he added.


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