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RippleX Starts Giving Away Money to XRPL Developers, Here's What It's For

Wed, 12/28/2022 - 09:14
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Gamza Khanzadaev
XRP Ledger developers with specific ideas to be rewarded via new RippleX program
RippleX Starts Giving Away Money to XRPL Developers, Here's What It's For
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RippleX, the Ripple branch responsible for developing XRP Ledger and supporting ecosystem developers, has launched a new cash giveaway program, but with definitive conditions.

So, XRPL Bounties, which is the name of the new program, involves rewarding those developers who propose new specific ideas for XRP Ledger. It all starts with a proposal, which then goes through a series of reviews and evaluations and will be available for implementation to all willing developers, but only if they meet compliance requirements.

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When all submissions have been considered, and once the idea has been implemented, all those who participated will be able to claim the payment.

What XRPL bounties have already been proposed?

A total of five bounties have been opened so far, where the most popular one concerns the creation of a proof-of-attendance infrastructure, which would allow an NFT on the XRP Ledger to confirm attendance at any event.

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Of the interesting and unusual bounties now open for discussion is the integration of Unreal Engine 5, an advanced gaming engine. As conceived by the author, this will allow game developers to incorporate XRP Ledger functionality into their product, and for players to use that same functionality in games created on the Unreal Engine. For example, it is the engine that has recently been running the popular multi-player shooter Fortnite on the PlayStation 5 console.

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