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Ultron Foundation Sees Sky-High User Retention By Building A Diverse Ecosystem With Its Native Layer 1 Coin

Fri, 08/12/2022 - 10:00
Ultron Foundation Sees Sky-High User Retention By Building A Diverse Ecosystem With Its Native Layer 1 Coin
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Dubai, UAE - One of the most important metrics of any business is user retention. Although it is quite costly to acquire a new user, retention nevertheless plays a significant role with products and services that aim to build long-lasting communities. With almost 20.000 crypto projects currently running, and dozens more already forgotten, it is rather easy to understand why only a handful of crypto projects will meet the criteria necessary to build that loyal community. The problem, as Ultron sees it, predominantly lies in building narrow, highly niche problem-oriented products that lack cross-blockchain interoperability. The aforementioned products may as well work for those exact niche audiences, but will not attract an immense number of people who will use that product on a daily basis. Ultron Foundation wants to distinguish themselves from the rest by building a diverse ecosystem that will provide multiple services and a myriad of dApps, while enabling its users to participate in that ecosystem with the first-ever single native Layer 1 coin.

Ultron Foundation Ecosystem: Fast, scalable, and secure native Layer 1 dApps, built for all generations

The development of crypto as well as blockchain technologies is somewhat still in its early stages. The rate at which technology is improving and “the broader public” is being onboarded is accelerating, but if one would take a closer look at data, they would quickly realize only a few projects in fact offer a utility that attracts users by itself. Unfortunately, the majority of new users “get into the crypto game” with a simple goal in mind—to speculate on an asset and make bank fast. The only projects that are currently attracting an active user base are those building for a utility directly or offering services that are also found outside the crypto space, but compared to them provide better conditions, lending and borrowing being one such example.

Another problem the crypto space is facing is the ease of adoption. New solutions should offer high utility and diversity, but also simplicity. For crypto projects to truly scale, the solutions they have to offer should be as easy (or preferably even easier) to use as current non-crypto alternatives. Solutions should likewise be fast and secure, tackling user's objections one by one.

With the goal of resolving the two aforementioned issues, Ultron Foundation set out with a simple yet powerful mission: to design a complete crypto ecosystem based on their first-ever native Layer 1 coin. In this ecosystem, every single component will be easy to grasp, even for users accessing decentralized services for the first time ever. The ecosystem’s simplicity can be best defined by the words of one of Ultron’s representatives: “We are striving to design an ecosystem that will be simple enough for your grandma to handle her savings, and yet powerful enough for your hedge fund manager to maximize their portfolio potential.”

To this point, Ultron Foundation’s team has successfully deployed several bridges and is already building various native dApps, such as decentralized exchange (DEX), De-Fi applications, NFT marketplace, their proprietary Staking Hub NFT, metaverse, and much more. The usage of a single native Layer 1 coin as the foundation allows the Ultron ecosystem to work in a fast, simple and secure manner. Users will not need to swap their tokens to use different dApps, which will be a huge money saver on transaction fees, while also giving them an option to put their assets to work when not in use. Imagine a metaverse where a user could stake or lend their “metaverse assets” to the real world when they would not be actively engaged in the metaverse activities. This is exactly what Ultron’s team is building, the before-mentioned metaverse being just one such example of why the next crypto revolution will bring about a complete, densely intertwined ecosystem.

Besides paving the path towards an easy-to-understand crypto-inclusive world, Ultron is also offering generous financial motivation to the developer community. Investing in a strong development community is one of the main pillars of their ecosystem-building strategy. To promote interest and continuous support of the developer community, Ultron Foundation will create a multi-million fund using up to 6% of its native digital currency, ULX. The grants will consist of both ULX and stable cryptocurrencies like USDT and USDC.

About Ultron Foundation

Ultron Foundation is an emerging blockchain project that aims to offer scalability, security, and faster transaction throughputs, without compromising one for another. By adopting cutting-edge technologies and developing its native token, ULX, the team is on the fast track to becoming one of the new leaders in the crypto space. Ultron Foundation is building a wholesome ecosystem that will roll out new dApps rapidly, the first of them being released in the next two weeks, and even more to come at the end of the month.

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