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Pinkslip Finance V2 Released, Announcing V3 Development and Partnerships

Fri, 10/15/2021 - 09:08
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Heewon Jang
Pinkslip Finance has secured partnerships with Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Labs
Pinkslip Finance V2 Released, Announcing V3 Development and Partnerships
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Pinkslip finance announces developments, including the V2 launch, V3 R$D, and partnerships. The primary intention of all those developments is to reach the global gaming market.

Pinkslip Finance is a blockchain-based gaming project introduced in 2021. It combines key components of blockchain including, Defi and NFT, for gamers to play and earn. By combining Defi and NFT, Pinkslip Finance becomes a Gamefi platform.

Gamefi is a concept in crypto where gaming is combined with Defi and NFT. The concept, although new in crypto, has been gaining a lot of attention from gamers. Since Defi and NFT already earned their place, Gamefi is also on a similar track.

Due to the attention given to Gamefi, Pinkslip is also benefiting. It's among the most trending Gamefi networks, attracting a large social media followership. You can join their pages at Telegram and Twitter to be part of this growing community.

As a drag racing game, you can buy cars(NFTs), race them, and earn passive income in the staking pool. Each car has a different probability of winning. Hence, your possession of NFTs matters a lot.

Pinkslip is a multichain gaming network. Its presence in Ethereum and Polygon contributes to the growth of the community.

V2 Launched, V3 Under Development

Pinkslip Finance is under continuous development to reach the wide gaming world. It aims to use blockchain to fill the gaps in gaming and improve the game experience. Pinkslip Finance recently launched a V2 application for its services.

The V2 introduced several upgrades for more efficiency and a better gaming experience. Among the upgrades include;

  • Introduced NFT purchasing capabilities in the Polygon chain 
  • Added the number of NFTs for Polygon users. Each of the NFTs has a limited supply.
  • The V2 also introduced new maps to provide a more exciting gaming experience. The maps come in 3D.
  • The V2 also introduced updates to the Ethereum network maps options.
  • A new mini-game. The mini-game aims to encourage more people to Pinkslip gaming. Using Polygon, people will play with a fraction of the gases used in Ethereum.

Pinkslip finance hit the top 40 for Polygon transfers after 24 hours of deployment. But, they noted that they would improve services until they become number 1.

As if the V2 is not enough, the network has already announced an upcoming V3. They began the research and development for a new version that will introduce more tools.

The main update to come with the V3 will be a player-to-environment (P2E) gaming option. This skill-based P2E drag racing game could launch on both Ethereum and Polygon. Gamers will enjoy the benefits coming with this new tool.

Partnership With Huawei Cloud and Morpheus Labs

As part of its mission to improve efficiency, Pinkslip Finance partnered with Huawei cloud and Morpheus labs. The partnership aims at helping both parties in different ways. The main idea is to improve on marketing and blockchain innovations.

The partnership came alive on September 15 in the Singapore-based Huawei AI LAB. Pinkslip believes that the association will have PR benefits that will lead to bringing in new investors. Furthermore, the initiatives will help benefit the Financial Service Industry(FSI).

Huawei cloud, having a vast customer base in the tech industry, will help in marketing Pinkslip. Pinkslip will have major blockchain benefits to the Huawei space. As such, both parties will enjoy increased utility, customer base, and brand awareness. Both parties will commit resources to expand their marketing and other social media outreach.

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