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MatchX Introduces Energy-Efficient NEO Mining Rig

Thu, 02/16/2023 - 10:29
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Vladislav Sopov
MatchX new miner makes entry barrier for new miners lower than ever before
MatchX Introduces Energy-Efficient NEO Mining Rig
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Current market conditions have put many large crypto mining firms out of business; a growing number of equipment is being put on sale. Low crypto prices and high energy costs have leveled the playing field and the price for mining rigs has dropped 90% since the peak of the last bull run.

MatchX demonstrates new approach to mining

These are the perfect conditions for new participants to enter the space as the larger mining pools lose grip over the hash rates of most chains. The opportunity now lies in small-to-medium setups that run on lean equipment. 

Mining equipment manufacturer MatchX is supporting operations of miners with various levels of expertise and resources. The company recently introduced NEO, an accessible, next-generation mining rig.

After the success of its M2 Pro high-end miner under more favorable mining conditions, MatchX is now offering the same quality performance of its $2,800 machine to a lower price tag. The new rig is designed to support early miners establish successful operations.

What is the main advantage of NEO?

NEO is a completely silent, environmentally-friendly, low-power miner that only requires 1W of power to run — a notable difference when compared to the 3,000W requirements of traditional ASIC systems. Thanks to the rig’s multi-token capabilities, this efficiency can be applied to different networks and produce diversified ROIs.

The rig makes use of the MXC POP mining principle, an innovative strategy that ensures MXC is used as a utility token on MatchX’s Data Dash App. According to certain test results, NEO can mine up to $6 in MXC per day. MXC is listed in top exchanges such as Coinbase, Binance US, OKX, and Huobi, where it can be easily traded.

Through NEO rigs, MatchX is creating a decentralized and global Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) with almost 50,000 miners in key areas including the USA, Europe and China. The network is built for data transmissions for Internet of Things devices via the MXProtocol. It is supported by MXC token and can be interacted with on the native Data Dash App.

Stay in the loop with MatchX, NEO, and the next generation of low-cost, high-return mining by following the team on Twitter. You can also learn more about how the team behind MXC and the MXProtocol are building a crowdsourced IoT network on the MXC Foundation website.

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