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G-BUCKS by GameSwift: Universal Digital Asset for Web3 Gaming

Tue, 28/05/2024 - 8:44
G-BUCKS by GameSwift: Universal Digital Asset for Web3 Gaming
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The game development segment receives a game-changing resource - G-BUCKS by GameSwift, fueling Web3 GameFi and play-to-earn scenes with a universal gaming asset with plenty of use cases and easy implementation.

Single asset, multiple titles: What is G-BUCKS?

Initially introduced in early Q1, 2024, G-BUCKS should be referred to as a universal gaming asset that can serve as a premium currency in any game. As such, a single digital entity can be integrated into various independent gaming products in a “one-size-fits-all” manner.

Thanks to this revolutionary design and mission, G-BUCKS is able to address multiple challenges in modern GameFi. For instance, G-BUCKS facilitate the legitimate exchange of real assets for in-game purchases.

The project-agnostic approach allows G-BUCKS to be usable across various games, starting with StarHeroes, following the model of popular premium currency systems like V-Bucks in Fortnite or Riot Points in League of Legends. This list will be expanded as an array of partners interested in integrating G-BUCKS grows day by day.

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To provide context, in StarHeroes, a mainstream Web3 space shooter game owning G-BUCKS has plenty of use cases and can be useful in upgrading ship visuals (colorway, engine effects, model type) that significantly impact leaderboard points. G-BUCKS also increase potential chances on the leaderboard by purchasing extra fuel. And give an upgrade to the leaderboard points multiplier after each match with time boosts.

Right now, the project team is focused on streamlined onboarding of new users for the asset. To accomplish this ambitious goal, the G-BUCKS purchasing website is being upgraded to look  like that of Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange on EVM blockchains, to provide the most user-friendly interface possible.

The upcoming product updates will facilitate direct purchase of G-BUCKS using fiat currency, ensuring a smoother onboarding process for Web2 players. 

Smooth integration for all games

One of the standout features of G-BUCKS is its ease of implementation for developers. GameSwift, the platform behind G-BUCKS, offers an SDK and full technological support to ensure a smooth integration process.

This approach offers games the quickest and most straightforward method to incorporate a universal, user-friendly premium currency. No extra installations, downloads are needed. Also, G-BUCKS can be added to the toolkit of Web3 games without specific coding skills.

G-BUCKS attempts to be a crucial revenue stream for digital gaming ecosystems in the future. These virtual assets not only generate revenue but also play a vital role in enhancing user engagement by facilitating seamless transactions.

From a technical standpoint, the G-BUCKS protocol performs admirably in:

  • managing hundreds of thousands of user addresses
  • processing tens of thousands of operations
  • accommodating thousands of daily active players/users

Developers of Web3 games or applications are able to save a significant amount of time by using the G-BUCK protocol (along with GameSwift ID), a production-ready mechanism relied upon by thousands of players every day

G-BUCKS enables devs to build using Unity, Unreal Engine 5 SDKs

For global gaming developers, choosing the G-BUCKS solution unlocks multiple tech opportunities that were previously inaccessible or only available to limited communities.

Teams that integrate G-BUCKS can enjoy both Unity and Unreal Engine 5 software development kits (SDKs) that are of paramount importance for modern gaming sphere's progress.

The GameFi segment is one of the fastest-growing spheres in the entire Web3 ecosystem globally. As such, integrating multi-purpose mechanisms of monetization can introduce new opportunities for thousands of players and developers, including, of course, Web2 natives.


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