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Ethereum L2 zkSync Unveils Next Mega Upgrade: Details

Mon, 07/17/2023 - 12:27
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Godfrey Benjamin
Ethereum L2 zkSync is in final stages of its major upgrade: Boojum
Ethereum L2 zkSync Unveils Next Mega Upgrade: Details
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In its bid to double down on its overall performance and efficiency, Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solution zkSync has unveiled its next mega upgrade. Dubbed Boojum, the upgrade will help usher in a STARK-powered proof system, providing world-class performance on consumer-grade hardware.

Boojum upgrade benefits

The Boojum tool is branded as the RUST-based cryptographic library of the zkSync ecosystem. As the protocol detailed, it will power the upgraded ZK circuit version for zkSync Era and the ZK Stack.

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The benefits of this upgrade are far-reaching and will primarily help boost efficiency with orders of magnitude significantly higher than the current 100 TPS it boasts of. Additionally, the Boojum upgrade will help reduce the hardware requirements in order to achieve decentralization.

As zkSync noted, its "long-term goal is to enable user-powered, decentralized proof generation. Boojum represents a breakthrough in this direction — with the prover running on consumer-grade GPUs requiring only 16 GB GPU RAM."

The protocol said the process of implementing the upgrade will not impact the network in any negative way. According to the announcement, Boojum is now resident on the mainnet, and it is permitting the shadow-proofing of transactions so as to help test the system before fully migrating.

Race for L2 dominance

It is not uncommon for different Ethereum Layer 2 scaling solutions to chart a series of upgrades in a bid to dominate the Ethereum Layer 2 scaling platform. The Boojum push by zkSync occurs in tandem with the debut of the Polygon zkEVM protocol as the legacy scaling solution looks to solidify its position as a top Layer 2 protocol.

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The attraction of L2s on Ethereum is growing, with the Celo Network also mulling over plans to transaction from a wholesome Layer 1 outfit into an Ethereum L2. While this proposal is still in its infancy, it underscores how innovators agree with the fact that the future of decentralized finance (DeFi) lies with Ethereum.

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