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EOS Security Vulnerabilities: David Moss of Block.one Responds to 360 Report

The claims made by Qihoo 360’s Vulcan team regarding EOS security may be exaggerated and unsupported
EOS Security Vulnerabilities: David Moss of Block.one Responds to 360 Report

The opinions expressed in this article are strictly David Moss’s own and not to be interpreted as speaking on the behalf of Block.one or any other entity.

As the planned June release of EOSIO 1.0 approaches, expectations and tensions are heating up.

Most recently, Monday’s news of possible security vulnerabilities detected by Chinese Internet security giant Qihoo 360 elicited strong responses from EOS supporters and opponents alike.

According to the Weibo post published by Qihoo 360 on Monday, high-risk security vulnerabilities in the EOS platform could enable remote attacks through the deployment of arbitrary code and insertion of malicious smart contracts into new blocks.

Such a security breach may give the attacker full control of the network’s nodes, affecting thousands of computers and accounts.

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The discovery of the security issues was made by Qihoo 360’s Vulcan team, and the wording of the report seems to suggest close collaboration by the Chinese security company with EOS to resolve these issues ahead of the EOSIO launch, but this may not be the case.

David Moss, senior vice president of Tech Operations at Block.one, the open source software publisher responsible for the EOSIO launch, provided comment to CryptoComes on the Vulcan findings

“The allegations were greatly exaggerated by Vulcan 360, as was their involvement with Block.one. They are only to want publicity for themselves and to create the impression they are working with Block.one. They are not. They also have no documentation to back up any claim they made.”

As always, investors and developers are responsible for doing due diligence when it comes to platform security.

The crypto media environment is as susceptible as mainstream media, if not more, to conflicting reports, sensationalism and news cycles used as marketing tools.

The release of EOSIO software has been one of the most eagerly expected events in the crypto community and the next few weeks are certain to put increased pressure on the EOS team to provide commentary on arising questions.

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Company Profile: Maker. An Express Visit

No opinions and rants, only straight facts about Maker, quick and easy to understand
Company Profile: Maker. An Express Visit

Company name: Maker

Cryptocurrency [utility / governance token]: Makercoin / MKR (volatile)

Cryptocurrency [stablecoin]: Dai (pegged against the USD)



Price per unit of MKR (at the time of writing): ~660 USD, 2nd in the world after Bitcoin

Market capitalization of MKR (at the time of writing): ~480 million USD, 22nd in the world

Year founded: 2015

Founded by: Rune Christensen

“MakerDAO works using collateralized debt positions (CDP) on a decentralized platform. People can take out debt positions using our stablecoin, the Dai (1 Dai = $1). The Dai credit system uses tokens or assets to back up their value… Leverage seekers or borrowers put collateral, like Ethereum, into the system and generate Dai based on that collateral… MakerDAO and the MKR token use a decentralized governance structure to bring stability to our stablecoin, the Dai. We believe money and credit systems should be transparent, so no one can sneak in their own agenda.”

Support platform (Blockchain): Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) on the Ethereum network

Structure: Collateralized Debt Position (CDP) + Target Rate Feedback Mechanism (TRFM)

Standard protocol: ERC-20

Top wallets: Ledger Nano S (hardware), Trezor (hardware), MetaMask (web), MyEtherWallet (desktop)

Recommended exchange platforms: Bitfinex, Bibox, Gate, Okex, Paradex

Mining: Not permitted

This week’s stats:


From all of us here at U.Today: happy trading and have a pleasant weekend!

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CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

News is a powerful tool in the cryptocurrency space as speculation can drive and drop the market, so is CoinSpectator a good place to go?
CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

News, in relation to economic markets and assets, has always been a powerful tool. The goings on outside of the market always has a big role to play in the way the graphs will move, be it stocks, bonds, assets or companies.

In the cryptocurrency space it is just as important, if not even more, as the speculative nature of cryptocurrencies sees the market swing violently on any news that can be positive or negative to the space.

For traders, interested parties, and those involved in the cryptocurrency space in general, it is necessary to have one’s finger on the pulse of what is happening. And this is where news aggregators come in.

CoinSpectator is one such news aggregator, and it is important to gauge whether it is a good one, or rather just a revolving ream of wasted information.

News aggregation?

Because news can come from many different sources, and be reported on in many different lights and angles, news aggregators help give objectivity to the information being put out.

It is a list of different publication that are reporting on the news as it happens, and being fed to one site for an individual to follow as it happens. This often leads to a wave of different sites posting about the same piece of news as an aggregator complies with them.


:- The good

A first look at CoinSpectator and it is all business. It is a dark background with a ream of news running down the middle with some useful tools across a toolbar at the top- such as a filter system and a search bar. Along the right there is also an explanation of the site and a few hints. There is also a market with eight major cryptocurrencies at the bottom.

CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

The simple design is all that is needed as one can focus in on the news and not be distracted by anything else.

It also has a voting system in which the active community can vote on the strength of a story, giving it either a thumbs up or thumbs down. This is very useful in an ecosystem that is rife with scams, as crowdsourced opinions can help guide people away from fake news.

CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

Its filter system is also quite intuitive and can help a user decide what kind of news they are looking for. It can break down the news sources into anything from news, blogs, and projects, to videos and PR pieces.

CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

:- The bad

Like with many aggregators, when news does hit, there will be a lot of repetition, sometimes, exact duplicates. And while this is not necessarily the fault of the aggregators, it is still annoying.

CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?

There are also a few instances where adverts and irrelevant items crop up in the news feed. And while there is nothing against advertising, it seems unnecessary to have them appear in the news timeline.

CoinSpectator: A Powerful News Aggregator or a Ream of Nonsense?


Overall, the site works well as a news aggregator, and because of its filters and dynamic search, it is easy to get a quick and comprehensive overview of the topic you are choosing.

News is still quite subjective, and while the community has a voting system, it is quite small as it stands, and is not yet fully effective- but that will likely change.

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How to buy Ripple (XRP) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

🎓 Coins Guide
One can’t still buy Ripple via credit card in the USA – no direct way exists.
How to buy Ripple (XRP) in USA: A Step-by-Step Guide

How many Ripple coins can we buy?

XRP - Ripple’s token, was issued in some kind of similar way like companies issue stocks. It isn't mined like other digital coins: Ethereum, Bitcoin and Litecoin. The company picked some number (100 billion) and many XRP coins were issued as a result.

Ripple own 61 billion of this 100. To win the investors’ trust, Ripple has blocked 55 billion of them via 55 smart contracts (1 billion is held by 1 contract). Every month as date of expiration comes, the corresponding amount releases.

The company spends about 300 million XRP per month to cover operating expenses. Such operational transparency should convince skeptics that Ripple does not plan to disappear, selling its stocks and thus destroying the XRP price.

How to Buy Ripple

One can’t still buy Ripple via credit card in the USA – no direct way exists.


Wherever you are located you need to purchase Ethereum or Bitcoins first and then convert them to the Ripple.

The easiest way for USA residents is Coinbase – use credit card with USD.

Having got ETH or BTC, you can also use Binance for converting them to Ripple. It will take you about 10 minutes. Due to its good volume, it is considered to be best place for Ripple to be exchanged.

If you are from Canada, USA or European countries as well as from Australia or Singapore – you can use Coinbase easily.

Kindly get acquainted with Coinbase guide.


This resource features brokerage service based in Austria. From most European countries one can purchase Ripple on BitPanda via credit cards. See our review of this service. CoinMama

Kindly read our review of CoinMama. The portal eases the purchasing of Ethereum or Bitcoins via credit card. You can do it almost from any point of the world.

As you get ETH or BTC, you can convert them to XRP - Binance will help you.

Buy Ripple with Bank Account

For USA residents: if you use your bank account:

  1. Come back to Coinbase or similar one for buying BTC or ETH.
  2. Visit Binance to convert the received Ethereum or Bitcoins into XRPs.

For Europeans – you’d better use BitPanda. In case of your location in any other country, visit our home page in order to find a Bitcoin exchange suitable for your country with bank transfer support. After you purchased Bitcoins convert them to Ripple. It will take you less than ten minutes. Getting a Ripple Wallet

You should never store your XRP on an exchange – it is the way for your values to be stolen. Take control under withdrawal - your XRP needs to be got out to any secure offline wallet for example Ledger Nano S or similar. Kindly read our Ripple wallets’ guide. Buy Ripple with PayPal

Unfortunately there is no direct way to purchase buy Ripple with PayPal – you will be to buy Bitcoins first using PayPal and proceed converting them to XRP (Binance will help).

Buy XRP with Cash

There is also no way for direct buying XRP with cash. Less than 1% cryptocurrency ATMs support Ripple.

The algorithm is the same - buy BTC with cash and then convert them to XRP via Binance or some service like this. Buy Ripple with Bitcoin or Etheteum

If you need to exchange BTC or ETH for Ripple – go to Binance, this is the simplest way. Buy XRP with Skrill

Via BitPanda all those living in Europe can buy Bitcoins or Ethereum with Skrill. And after that they are to visit Binance to make exchange of the received digital coins into Ripple. Buy Ripple (XRP)

The Ripple creators aimed to create the "Machine" providing fast transfers of great money sums all over the world. Being claimed as great platform, Ripple focused on cooperating with banks and as a result their immediate global payments became more easy and effective. It is not too late to join us as the current Ripple price of 0.5$ allows it to be purchased for almost every of you. The price can change immediately - its recent level achieved 3.00$. The next big move is oncoming! How to Buy Ripple

You can buy XRPs only with BTC OR ETH - no more currency is suitable for it (we mean US dollars or Euros and others). You are to visit only cryptocurrency exchange to get some XRPs.

In case you don't have any idea how to start the process of converting fiat currency (dollars/euros/yen/etc.) to BTC or Ethereum, follow our guide - there will be explained how to buy Bitcoins or Ethereum. After that you are welcomed here to proceed.

In case you are skilled crypto expert, skip to next page of our tutorial to learn process in detail.

Here are the best addresses for buying Ripple:

  • Changelly
  • Binance
  • Bittrex
  • Bitstamp
  • Kraken

How to Buy Ripple on Changelly

This service also allows you to buy Ripple with Bitcoin or Ethereum. It is not actually possible to store your values here - get a Ripple wallet. The best secure option will be Ledger Nano S (kindly see review), nevertheless Binance exchange wallet with 20 Ripple will be rather suitable.

The system requirement is to store 20 or more Ripple in your each Ripple address: it is a preventive measure against huge amounts of unused addresses. You will be ok sending 20 or more Ripple within first transaction to your wallet.

The next step is to go to site and make a pick of input currency that you will send to address for Ripple provided by Changelly. This resource allows choosing any coin for this. Our recommendations still remain the same: use Bitcoin or Ethereum for Ripple purchase. For output you can use Ripple.

You will face with 2 fields:

  • XRP Address: (Your Ripple Address)
  • Destination Tag (Optional): (a tag for notes about the transaction)

The Next step of processing: send Bitcoin or other input currency to the deposit address. As soon as you launch it – the funds are sent to specified address.

How to buy Ripple on Binance

Binance favorably differs from other exchanges with incredibly low fees of 0.05%. It starts working since 2017 and gained the great popularity among “cryptocommunity”. It also features serious great security system that adds "points" to Binance in the fight for the customers’ hearts. Algorithm

  1. What you need for start is to sign up on Binance for make your exchange. The system maximally eased this process; it doesn’t need any verification, it is fast and available for all users of the world.
  2. Already signed up? The next step is visiting the navigation bar. Every cryptocurrency offers deposit addresses. Move your mouse over funds and click Deposits.
  3. Depending on what currency you will use for buying Ripple (BTC or ETH) – you should locate that very currencies deposit address.
  4. As you locate your addresses, copy them for the next step, where will be explained how to make a transaction in cryptocurrency.
  5. If you need to send ETH or Bitcoin from Coinbase, go to the accounts tab and after that click “send”.
  6. When your cryptocurrency reaches Binance, choose the corresponding trading pair of the sent currency. For example in case of sending Bitcoin, go to the BTC/XRP trading pair.
  7. As you open this page, you will see a screen like this. For purchasing Ripple enter an order in middle of the bottom. Click the “Market” tab - here you can see current rate of Ripple and buy it.
  8. If prompted price doesn’t suit you, you can use a limit order. How many coins do you want to buy? Take the needed amount (you can choose 100% of your balance). You can also take advice about Ripple price - the chart or the order book is highlighted in red. When you have set the order’s conditions, click Buy Ripple and it will be filled – you need to wait a bit!
  9. Once your order is filled, you get the ability to put Ripple to a secure wallet. Get mouse over funds and click “withdrawals”.
  10. Type a Ripple address to send your coins. Before complete the first transaction to a new address, check if it contains at least 20 Ripple. We consider the Ledger Nano S to be one of the most secure wallets, despite this you can use another one – see our Ripple wallets’ review. How to buy XRP on Bitstamp

Take your pick of trading pairs provided by this service:


If you’d like to purchase Ripple on Bitstamp, first of all you are to create and authenticate the Bitstamp account.

The front page of account contains the link ‘Deposit’, follow it and deposit the funds. After the funds appear at your account – go ahead and buy Ripple! How to buy XRP on Kraken

This is good choice of cryptocurrency exchange with high reputation for purchasing Ripple. Create the account first, confirm it, log in and make the funds’ deposit. This can be completed by following the deposit link, and further entering all needed information (card number, payment method and so on).

The main feature of service – here you can’t buy Ripple directly; first you need to buy XBT. Set the order to buy XBT, and skip to XRP/XBT pairing. You should enter an order at the current rate and be patient until it is filled. After deal is completed you become the owner of the Ripple! The reasons to choose Ripple

Actually when you buy Ripple tokens you make a great investment to the future. This train really has successful destination – that is not our guess, but the opinion of global financial institutions. As it has a great potential of investment’ returns, especially if it continues integration to banking sector. It has got unquestionable pros:

  1. Speedy processing, transactions are held in four seconds.
  2. You can purchase ordinary items with Ripple (when you are sure that it will be accepted by both trader and user)
  3. Ripple is highly scalable due to supporting of thousand transactions per second.
how to buy ripple

How to purchase Ripple tokens?

Due to state of the art technology of Ripple platform, many successful achievements within its functionality became truth. This caused Ripple to increase 3800% in value for less than a year. It sounds really fantastic and no wonder that many experts predict Ripple a brilliant serious future.

Ripple can be purchased on plenty of exchanges like other popular cryptocurrencies. In comparison with purchasing process of other major cryptocurrencies, we are glad to share with you some ways to purchase XRP token via those exchanges.

Coins Guide
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Have You Ever Wished To Buy A Quite...Mining Farm?????

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Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Miners? College Students Mining from Dorms

College dorm mining operations may be small, but they are immensely profitable due to free electricity.
Most Profitable Cryptocurrency Miners? College Students Mining from Dorms

Cryptocurrency mining is surging across college campuses in the United States, as students take advantage of free electricity provided by their dorms. One recent study put the cost of mining a single Bitcoin at $8,000, though areas with inexpensive hydroelectric power can mine a Bitcoin for about $2,000. Nothing beats a college kid in his dorm room though - because his cost basis is $0.

Free electricity

Mining requires specialized equipment, either ASICs for currencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dash, or GPUs for the likes of Ethereum and others. Beyond the cost of this equipment, a small-scale miner’s only real expense is electricity - electricity to run the mining equipment, and electricity to run the air conditioning that cools the equipment. If electricity is free, then miners only face the one-time cost of purchasing the proper equipment.

Free electricity drastically changes the cost equation in other ways, too. Industrial-scale miners that have to pay for their electricity typically spend a great deal of money investing in newer, more powerful mining equipment. As mining difficulty rises, old equipment produces less and less rewards for the same energy cost. Buying newer, more powerful miners helps restore balance to the equation. The new machines use about the same amount of electricity but are able to mine more cryptocurrency per watt of power used.

Changing the equation

Joey Dilliha at Western Kentucky University realized that if electricity was free, he didn’t need the newest and most powerful mining equipment in order to mine Bitcoin. Due to the speed of Bitcoin’s mining arms race, old, less efficient miners are sold for cheap on eBay. Dilliha found an inexpensive piece of older equipment on eBay, paying $250 for an old Antminer. Because of his free electricity (and free air conditioning), he has already paid for the rig and is turning a profit of $30 per week.

Some colleges, like Stanford, have policies against running miners in dorms. Others, like WKU, have banned the practice as a fire hazard, rather than for economic reasons. While the ethics of mining cryptocurrency on somebody else’s dime may be questionable, college kids in need of funds are sure to take advantage of any opportunity to turn a profit. It’s not surprising that they’ve figured out the free electricity loophole - college kids are smart, by definition, and financial need creates the perfect catalyst for invention.

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