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Elon Musk Believes Crypto-Hating Sen Warren Should Leave Senate for Good: Details

Sat, 12/18/2021 - 10:14
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Yuri Molchan
Tesla CEO posts war tweets against crypto hater Elizabeth Warren, saying the US Senate needs “someone better”, here’s why
Elon Musk Believes Crypto-Hating Sen Warren Should Leave Senate for Good: Details
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The debate between Elon Musk and the prominent crypto-hating Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts as Warren insists on imposing a wealth tax and wants to begin with the world’s richest man, the Tesla CEO.

Sen Warren declares war on Musk, claims Tesla CEO’s scared of her

According to Johnna Crider, author at CleanTechnica and Evobsession, Senator Elizabeth Warren has been buying ads on Facebook, in which she slams Elon Musk “freeloading” his taxes off average working people. She also asks people to donate $10 to her campaign, claiming that Elon Musk is scared of her.

Musk has responded that Warren offers “a deeply messed up lie” to Americans and accused the Senator of freeloading off regular taxpayers herself. He added that this year he will be paying the largest tax of any individual in the US history. Earlier, Bloomberg reported that this year the Tesla CEO would have to pay over $10 billion as taxes so he has sold around the same percentage of his Tesla shares to cover that.

Besides, Musk seems to angry at Warren that he tweeted that the US Senate and the State of Massachusetts “deserve someone better”.

Senator Warren is strongly anti-crypto

Not only Warren is trying use Elon Musk in passing her initiative on a tax for the wealthy, she has been constantly speaking against crypto, calling it unreliable, devastating and dangerous.

She has recently also slammed stablecoins as supporting DeFi – the sphere that often involved scams, according to her, and does not offer any protection to consumers.

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Peter Schiff supports Elon Musk

As reported by U.Today earlier, the debate between Sen Warren and Musk started on December 14, when the former shared an article about Musk being called the person of the year 2021. In her comment she suggested changing the tax code to make “The Person of the Year” also pay taxes, along with everyone else.

The centibillionaire Musk started debating with her about the whopping sum of tax he would have to pay.

Fifteen hours ago, according to Twitter, Peter Schiff, a popular crypto naysayer and the chief economist and strategist and his SchiffGold asset managing fund tweeted that Warren is accusing Musk of what she is doing herself and calling her “the real tax freeloader”.

During their debate, Billy Markus, a cofounder of Dogecoin, also tweeted to support Elon Musk.

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