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Dvision Network (DVI) Releases NFTs Collection Following Bithumb DVI Listing

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 14:59
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Vladislav Sopov
Dvision Network (DVI), a decentralized VR-content ecosystem has shared details of its first NFT offering and major DVI listing
Dvision Network (DVI) Releases NFTs Collection Following Bithumb DVI Listing
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Dvision Network (DVI),a virtual and augmented reality startup that harnesses blockchain’s computational power, is going to release a unique NFT collection. This announcement followed the successful listing of its core native asset, DVI, on the top Korean exchange.

Dvision Network (DVI) joins NFT top league

According to the announcement shared with U.Today, in March 2021, Dvision Network (DVI) is going to release its first series of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). While new actors are popping up on the scene here and there, Dvision Network’s offering might be special.

Dvision Network releases NFTs
Image by Dvision Network

A collection of five NFT characters will include the most renowned personalities in the modern cryptocurrency and blockchain segments. Thus, participants in this NFT sale will be able to get the perfect “souvenirs” to commemorate the ongoing crypto insanity.

Those who obtain these NFTs will be eligible for the next distributions of Dvision’s collectibles, even from limited offerings. Also, all NFTs will be available for trading. Buying Dvision’s NFTs provides crypto enthusiasts with the opportunity to be invited to other DVI-focused initiatives.

Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea will host this offering. Eom Jung-hyun, CEO of Dvision Network, stresses that participating in the upcoming auction is the perfect way to join Dvision’s ecosystem:

We intend to supply these sort of unique NFT items to the prospective Dvision Network users in order add the fun elements to their gamified metaverse ecosystem experience, and to let them play joyfully, surfing across the virtual reality and open world via the usage of the celebrity characters.

Dvision Network also confirms its ambitions to launch its own NFT marketplace later this year. It will follow the best practices in this red-hot sphere.

DVI is listed by major Korean platform Bithumb

This activity follows a crucial monetary event for DVI tokenomics. The core utility token of Dvision Network was listed by major Korean exchange Bithumb. Since its inception in 2014, this platform retains the title of the top KRW gateway to the entire crypto world.

The DVI token was listed against Bitcoin (BTC), the first and most liquid cryptocurrency. Dvision Network participated in the B2B contest by Bithumb, “BTC Open.” The project has won the third round of the tournament and earned the main prize: guaranteed KRW listing.

As a result, DVI coin will be listed against the Korean Won starting sometime in the next three months (between March 16 and June 16, 2021). This will ensure the inflow of new liquidity to DVI markets.

Dvision Network is a VR-focused startup that gained impressive traction during 2021’s NFT craze. Its ecosystem will include NFT marketplace, Tailored Virtual Reality (VR-Space) - a platform on which users can buy and sell virtual space - and Collection of VR-Spaces (VR-City), an open public VR world.

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