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DNS Pioneer David Holtzman Joins Naoris Protocol as Tech and Strategy Advisor

Thu, 08/25/2022 - 14:00
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Vladislav Sopov
Internet veteran David H. Holtzman will back "CyberMesh" protocol with its expertise in security and business development
DNS Pioneer David Holtzman Joins Naoris Protocol as Tech and Strategy Advisor
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The unmatched expertise of Mr. Holtzman will be leveraged by privacy innovator Naoris Protocol to develop its peer-to-peer cybersecurity architecture.

Internet veteran David H. Holtzman becomes advisor of blockchain-based security firm

According to the official announcement shared by the Naoris Protocol team, its advisory board is joined by David H. Holtzman, one of the originators of Domain Names System (DNS).

Mr. Holtzman will support Naoris Protocol in its marketing, technology and strategic efforts in order to advance security threat mitigation globally with CyberMesh technique.

Holtzman is one of the earliest key figureheads in the modern Internet sphere: he served as CTO at Network Solutions and managed the Internet's Domain Name System (DNS).

Also, he was a chief scientist at IBM and the CTO of Senator Evan Bayh's presidential bid. For the last six years, he has been working in various top-tier blockchain start-ups.

Novel paradigm of cybersecurity: What is Naoris Protocol?

Holtzman is also well known as a writer. In his book Privacy Lost: How Technology is Endangering Your Privacy, he addresses the major challenges of the modern cybersecurity segment.

Mr. Holtzman is excited by his new mission and the power of cybersecurity instruments unlocked by Web3 tech protocols:

Naoris Protocol has the right ideas.  In my many decades of experience working with disruptive innovators, I’ve come to the conclusion that a company’s most valuable differentiator is the strength of its underlying foundational principles and values. Naoris Protocol has started from a good place and their technology directly aligns with their beliefs. The value of networked decentralization cannot be overemphasized and their novel approach of applying that to security validation is an important one that is likely to be a real game changer

David Carvalho, CEO and founder of Naoris Protocol, claims that the new appointment is of crucial importance to his platform in terms of both development and promotion:

We are so incredibly blessed to be working with David Holtzman as an advisor to the project, we wouldn't have the internet as we know it today without him and we`re humbled to be splicing together new and highly impactful use cases and ideas with David. This is an exciting, and critical time for Naoris Protocol as we strive to bring the best and most visionary from Web2 and Web3 together to scale our Decentralized CyberSecurity Mesh approach. Having David Holtzman on board, with his incredible knowledge and world changing experience makes us feel great about the future of all things digital.

Naoris Protocol attempts to replace the centralized security instruments of the Web2 epoch with fully decentralized ones: every device in its ecosystem is a self-hosted node that can contribute to the security of the entire system by staking CYBER tokens.

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