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Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem “Pioneering a New Category of Exchange”

Mon, 07/16/2018 - 10:23
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Vera Yurina
Dacxi is pioneering a new community exchange ecosystem
Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem “Pioneering a New Category of Exchange”
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To date the number of people involved in crypto investing and trading has grown to 0.5 percent of the Earth’s population. However, for crypto investing to be adopted by the mainstream there’s a need for a new kind of crypto exchange. Until recently, most crypto-exchanges have been created for the trader market, not the mainstream retail-investor market.

Trader Exchanges like Binance or Bittrex are too technical and intimidating for mainstream users. This is the problem that Dacxi (or Digital Asset Community Exchange International) will solve. Dacxi is new kind of exchange called a “Community Exchange” that is currently in public ICO:


What is Dacxi

Dacxi is pioneering a new Community Exchange ecosystem. This consists of a crypto exchange that is simple to use, plus a dedicated community platform that provides new crypto people with the knowledge, tools and learning resources they need to invest in a safe and responsible way. The community includes learning modules, discussion groups and a Coinpedia that contains information on the top crypto coins. It’s a simple and powerful concept that makes a lot of sense. The ecosystem includes the DAC coin, the community binding exchange coin that links the ecosystem platforms together.

What can this project offer me?

  1. A simple and intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy and sell leading crypto coins.

  2. Security of personal assets and data. Dacxi ensures a high level of data protection thanks to the Blockchain and encryption.

  3. Multi-language interface with fast and simple navigation for a best in class user experience.

  4. The Dacxi Community– this initiative will help new mainstream users get the information they need to learn how to invest in crypto. Community members can join discussions, take learning courses, participate in real-world meetups, get access to coin analysis and read the latest crypto news.

  5. The Dacxi ICO. Dacxi’s crypto coin, the DAC might be the next big exchange coin. Binance’s BNB has performed very well in 2018. DAC is similar and has the potential to do well as the Dacxi Exchange grows.

Interface and usability

Dacxi is one of the most user-friendly exchange platforms so far. It’s clear from the first moment you open their website and register. There’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


One of Dacxi’s strongest points of difference is that unlike most ICOs, their business is already in market. All of their platforms are live and they’ve launched a customer acquisition campaign designed to swiftly reach a critical mass of users. They have an ambitious plan in place to evolve and update each platform with new features.

Pros and cons

Dacxi is a new project. Let’s highlight key pros and cons of this platform:



Since it’s a community driven project, users help each other with learning and understanding how crypto works

Lack of some essential features, such as portfolios and customization options. These are on the road map for future updates

Advanced Blockchain technologies, smart contract, better security organization

The Exchange is in beta. Crypto withdrawals are not available until August. Fiat deposits and withdrawals will be available soon after

Transaction processing speed is high, exchange operations are fast

The trading platform is young

Simple, intuitive interface

Transaction fees will be introduced (some exchange platforms have zero percent commission)

How to use Dacxi

To become a fully-fledged user of Dacxi, you don’t have to learn the nooks and crannies of cryptocurrency exchange– the platform is intuitive.

  1. Register on Dacxi website and provide basic information about your account.

  2. Buy the cryptocurrency you need– it will be stored on your private wallet.

  3. Buy DAC coin if you wish. If you hold 10,000 DAC you get a 25 percent discount on trading fees.

  4. Make a buy or sell order.

  5. Wait for the exchange to be performed.

The process isn’t hard, and new users will quickly understand it.


Bottom line

The idea underlying the Dacxi project is strong. Dacxi will disrupt the crypto exchange market and become the number one community exchange brand in crypto. Their mission is to onboard the next wave of mainstream retail investors into crypto by empowering them to invest in a safe and responsible way.

To learn more about Dacxi, take part in the ICO, or to join their exchange and community.

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