Crypto Invest Summit Pulls a Huge Crowd in LA: Blockchain’s Future Looking Good

Speakers like Steve Wozniak and Tim Draper bring over 6,000 attendees to the second Crypto Invest Summit even in the midst of a bear market
Crypto Invest Summit Pulls a Huge Crowd in LA: Blockchain’s Future Looking Good

When the first Crypto Invest Summit was announced in the spring of 2018, the organizers did not mince words, positioning the conference as the biggest crypto and Blockchain event on the West Coast. As it came to pass, even they may have been surprised by the turnout of about 4500 attendees: a laudable feat that also manifested some organizational problems. Extremely long lines for registration, a pre-party that very few were able to get into, and the lack of capacity in the main stage hall prompted some attendees to quip about the “Blockchain scaling problem as demonstrated at Crypto Invest.”

Valuable lessons were learned, and this year the organization was significantly improved, despite the number of participants rising to an astounding 6,100. If crypto conferences could be compared to colleges–some that specialize in one subject, some that offer a nice atmosphere or an incredible location, some that are known as party schools–then Crypto Invest Summit is surely a big university with a large variety of offerings, impressing with the sheer numbers. An expo floor with over 80 booths, 3 stages, 5 tracks, and thousands of attendees seem like solid evidence that Crypto Invest was able to defy the bear market.

Attendee registration at the Summit

From ICOs to sustainable investment

In May, many panels addressed ICO investment and the differences between security and utility tokens. This time, in the aftermath of a dissipating ICO hype and a crashed market, the focus was on sustainable investment in Blockchain technologies. In the context of this summit, “sustainable” meant long term investment in real products that reduce friction in the token economy and give users an easy interface with transparent incentives.

A second stage featured 5 additional tracks, or sub-conferences, that discussed specific topics including: Women of Crypto, Security Tokens, Crypto Trading, the Builder Track, and Healthcare on the Blockchain. During these tracks, participants could delve into the specifics of their particular field of interest, be it understanding crypto market movements, redesigning healthcare, listing tokens on exchanges, or bootstrapping network effects. A pitch stage in the concourse hall gave companies an opportunity to present their project to media, potential partners, and investors.

One of the expert panels at the Summit

Main attractions

One of the great attractions of the Crypto Invest Summit is the lineup of prominent speakers. Venture capitalists Tim Draper and Adam Draper, always favored by crypto enthusiasts eager for investment advice, returned to the summit, having also appeared at the May event. Adam Draper predicted a significant jump in adoption, stating that in one year everyone at the conference will have 3 applications on their phone that will use Blockchain and cryptocurrency without the user having to think about it.

Tim Draper, who calls fiat “political currency”, reframed Bitcoin volatility for the audience: “1 Bitcoin is still 1 Bitcoin, it’s all the other currencies that are very volatile against it as they disappear from our earth.” He encouraged entrepreneurs to take risks with crypto and not give into the scaremongering of the incumbents of the global financial system. He also referred to institutions as “sheep” that are hesitant to enter the space, looking to other institutions for guidance. For Draper, it’s “much better to be the wolf and go in first!”

Billionaire Tim Draper speaking at the Summit

While not necessarily an expert in the space, Steve Wozniak understandably drew a big crowd. He clarified his position on Bitcoin, saying that he invested at one point for the purposes of experimenting with it, and has since sold most of his crypto. Nevertheless, he is excited to see how this technology develops and has become a co-founder of a Blockchain-focused venture capital fund EQUI Global. Wozniak reminded everyone that the human is always more important than technology since the user experience trumps any other engineering considerations. When asked what he meant by calling Bitcoin a bubble, he explained:

“The Internet was a bubble, but the thinking behind it was correct, it ended up being integral to our lives. Maybe with Blockchain it will be the same: it is a bubble, but in 10-15 years its value will show.”

Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak during his talk at the Summit

The live taping of Ran Neu-Ner’s CNBC Crypto Trader show was a big hit in the spring, and this summit’s show turned out to be even more exciting. Besides featuring Steve Wozniak, the Drapers, and Dan Morehead of Pantera Capital, NeuNer created a sensation by hinting at the details of Coinbase’s upcoming IPO, referencing a source close to the company. In a conversation with the CNBC host, Adam Draper revealed that despite Coinbase’s $8 billion valuation, he believes that the company is still undervalued and will be “the largest company on the planet.”

Save the date

While 2019 may become the year of the STO, most speakers seemed to agree that the bear market is the best time to get work done, i.e. start projects, build frameworks, and gather communities. The investors echoed this sentiment, encouraging entrepreneurs to focus on completing products that provide valuable solutions and reduce friction in Blockchain applications.

The Summit’s after-party

At the conference, it was clear that the crypto community is coming to a realization: if we are to see widespread crypto and Blockchain adoption, the technology must be running invisibly in the background, leaving an easy and engaging experience for the user. When Crypto Invest Summit returns in April 2019, there will be a chance to evaluate how well those goals are being accomplished. Judging by the first two events, the conference will continue to attract crowds of crypto experts, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts no matter what the industry holds in store for us in the meantime.


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The Market's Down, but No Need to Panic: Consider Both Sides of the Crypto Coin

Many claim we’re in a pretty pickle, but there’s no reason to scream Mayday yet: the big picture remains reassuring
The Market's Down, but No Need to Panic: Consider Both Sides of the Crypto Coin

Some of the present market’s indices appear rather alarming: the bear does tend to roar and stomp. But exceedingly more alarmingly, some experts view it as the green light to peddle pessimism and panic to all around. While, for aught we know, this is but a phase, and must be taken as such. Traders should probably be less reckless, newcomers more vigilant, but the market isn’t going anywhere: it shall recover soon enough. Don’t sweat it.

Signs of the Supposed Crypto Armageddon

Bitcoin is down to around 5 500 USD, the lowest figure in over a year. To make matters worse, Bitcoin’s market cap figure has dropped below 100 billion USD, also for the first time in over 12 months. The past 24 hours have seen a decrease in total crypto market capitalization numbers by more than 30 billion USD.

Tether, being a stablecoin pegged to USD, saw a drop in its price on Kraken, where it trades for fiat. In addition to other factors, because of this compromised parity, crypto exchanges that trade against Tether, e.g. the Hong-Kong based Bitfinex, have seen the price of Bitcoin move down against the USD in return.

The fork-riddled Bitcoin Cash, which is about to be split into two separate altcoins (core/ABC and Satoshi’s Vision), Ethereum, and Ripple are all seeing declines of up to 12% a day in their values on the market. As a by-product of this freneticism, Ripple (18.7 billion USD) is now in second place by market cap after Bitcoin having recently surpassed Ethereum (18.35 billion USD).

The Bright(er) Side of the Coin

It’s important to understand that any industry, any financial sector, any economy will go through a period of stagnation and recession. There have been numerous examples of it from the Revolutionary War to the Great Depression. Heck, the Blockchain technology itself emerged in the aftermath of the 2008 global crisis. Lows give way to highs and improve the nature of the market in the process. It’s inevitable.

At the same time, even in today’s dire crypto-economic conditions, many vital indicators tell a positive story nonetheless. While there may be problems with diminishing cryptocurrency market cap values and falling prices on exchanges, the big picture is not solely a grey one. The Blockchain market itself is growing regardless, and it is projected to continue doing so in the future.

The Blockchain market

One of the very reliable sub-indicators of the fact that it is happening is the number of crypto wallets, which is growing by the day. Too promising a figure for those trapped in quicksand, surely.

 the number of crypto wallets

Furthermore, the ICOs are not vanishing, quite on the contrary. In spite of the Chinese government’s ban on this type of fundraising, the global figures are going up, which has been corroborated by numerous independent publications.

the ICO

Concurrently, some of the economic trends, however fragmental, are still bullish; Bitcoin, for one, until very recently, has been demonstrating a great deal of stability, and where longitudinal volatility is low, the whining voices should perhaps be tactfully sidelined.

All in all, despite the pressure and the stress, there is little time for poor-me-ness right now, when the overall crypto aura is that of vigor and, as mundane as it sounds, hope: after all, right this very second, whole crypto communities are working on new and yet newer ways to crypto-revolutionize the world and change the very nature of modern economy, from payment methods to employment.


“Abandon your posts! Flee, flee for your lives!”


A memorable line borrowed from Denethor, the infamous character from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. And we all know how that strategy worked out for him. Not too well really...

Instead, perhaps we should follow Gandalf’s orders and prepare for battle, the crypto battle that never ceases, be the market bear or bull. And yes, right now we are indeed in a bear market. The prices are plummeting, the grip is becoming weak: this is the very definition of it.

In actuality, all this means nothing more than the fact that the bull market has got to be on the way, its eager horns already glaring through thick mist somewhere in the distance. It’s coming. Despite the rocky road ahead, sooner or later, it is. In the meantime, keep your head above water and do not overdramatize. Be Zen. It’s going to be fine.


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