Blockchain in Space 2: Fear is the Path to the Dark Side

  • Aliya Prokofieva

    What blockchain technologies have better chances to be applied in outer space

Blockchain in Space 2: Fear is the Path to the Dark Side
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Today's technology is at the peak of cosmic fashion. Numerous visionaries and savvy analysts arrange ritual dances with tambourines around them, declaring Blockchain as the main catalyst for the forthcoming scientific and technological breakthroughs in space.

Most of these statements are from the evil one. Sooner or later the excitement will drop and it will become evident that the Blockchain is not a panacea capable of solving all the problems of the cosmic industry in one single stroke.

It is nothing more than an applied technology, created for the solution of narrowly specific problems. At the same time, one can not but admit that:

a) Blockchain copes quite successfully with its tasks


b) due to this it has all the chances to get accustomed to space seriously and for a long time

From the perspective of applying blockchain technologies in outer space, in my opinion, the most realistic are the following three:


In space, the Blockchain continues to work for its intended purpose, now it is based on the creation and maintenance of cryptocurrencies with satellite hosting.

They do not have a binding to Earth, they can not reach ‘Big Brother.’ This money lives in space and, most importantly, works there it is invested in space research and development.


Blockchain as a means of creating a secure information chain is ideally suited for fixing the results of research programs: observations of space objects, interplanetary expeditions, distant missions.

In the event of disputes, such an infochain may become an indisputable proof of the authorship of the discovery or priority of achievement.

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The military

The keyword here is "decentralization." For example the conditional grouping of military satellites. If it is controlled from a single center, it is vulnerable- it is enough to destroy this center in order to turn satellites into a useless pile of metal and plastic.

What if the algorithm of the group reaction to these or other threats is registered in the Blockchain and is maximally decentralized? No, point strikes will not help here.

By the way, it is likely that block technologies are already in full use in the military-space industry. But for obvious reasons, no one will tell us about this.

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How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetrates the Crypto World

  • Alex Morris

    The utilization of AI-powered instruments becomes the most recent trend in crypto trading

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Penetrates the Crypto World
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Artificial intelligence is nothing new in the world of finance, since traders have been using traditional algorithms for decades. However, the new generation of AI technologies, which is currently entering the field of cryptocurrency marketplaces, may be a truly revolutionizing solution for traders who constantly have to deal with rife market manipulations.

Let’s find out how widespread the adoption of AI in the crypto space is and what benefits it gives to crypto holders.

Actives’ analysis

One of the most effective ways to predict the future value of assets is to make forecasts with the help of AI technologies.

There have been several platforms like Augur and NeuroBot that utilize AI-powered tools in order to analyze crypto assets and come up with near-precise price predictions that are based on crypto exchange rates.

AI-driven services come out as a low-cost solution for investment portfolio management problems. Such tools are able to functions 24/7 and are less prone to mistakes than humans are.

Conducting AI analysis of a specific cryptocurrency is crucially important to determine whether there is a positive/negative outlook and how successful a potential investment can be.    

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Artificial intelligence has been widely utilized in cryptocurrency trading which is usually a no-go zone for inexperienced traders due to a high market volatility. However, AI poses as a game changer, since it is able to remove a human factor and instantaneously determine possible risks before you even manage to place your order.

An AI-based Chinese crypto exchange Bibox already has more than 50,000 daily active traders. Because of AI-enhancement, traders are able to use unique tools for market analysis and forecasting.  

While there is always a room for ambitious investors who are able to go all-in, AI allows to significantly reduce the risk of losing money to almost non-existent by making almost 100 percent precise predictions. For beginners, this is a wonderful tool for in-depth market analysis that helps to make wise investment decisions without extensive knowledge in finance.

However, there is a lingering question– what’s the point of being a trader if AI tools are so powerful?  In fact, a human always stands behind artificial intelligence by designing specific algorithms that can either lead to big gains or tremendous losses.

Another issue with AI-powered crypto trading is that it requires huge processing power for precise results that no ordinary person can afford which places traders in an unequal position. Therefore, one can make a conclusion that AI technologies are more beneficial for big companies.

Community mood

There is already an algorithmic crypto-asset manager named NapoleonX that helps to gather data about the market mood (including their emotional state of investors, their sentiment and opinions). Understanding the community mood can help to identify behavioral patterns that are typical for the crypto space.

Similarly to the dot-com craze in the late 90s, crypto speculations are prevalent as the market still remains in the stage of its inception. A study shows that the crypto community is rather guided by emotions and mood than different economic data. Sentiment analysis that can be conducted with the help of artificial intelligence can be a game-changer in this industry where everyone strives to find out who will be modern day’s Google in the cryptocurrency world.

Free AI bots allow users to review market sentiment, emotions, opinions for Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two biggest cryptocurrencies on the market.

While sentiment can only range from positive to negative, there are different kinds of emotions included, such as excitement, fear, sadness, surprise and anger. You are also able to choose between social sources and media sources which may impose a different effect on a trader’s emotions.

Data related to sentiment and emotions is useful for predicting how the volatile the market will be in the future: highly positive sentiment, for example, may be a sign that you are dealing with a market bubble that is about to burst. When it comes to opinions, there are only two options for crypto bulls and crypto bears.

Also, check Matrix AI

Matrix AI (MAN) is considered to be a groundbreaking China-based blockchain platform that conveniently utilizes AI technologies for security enhancement by means of automated auditing and self-optimization.

The network offers as many as 50,000 transactions per second and, on top of that, its TPS rate is expected to increase up to one mln in the future.

Another important feature that may potentially lead to Matrix’s mainstream adoption is the ability to create smart contracts in your native tongue which makes them more accessible for anyone and eliminates the need to learn programming languages in order to use the blockchain technology (only 20 mln out seven bln people have extensive programming skills).

With Matrix, English, Chinese or any other language will be converted into programming one with the help of a code generator.

Although, Matrix AI currently sits at a very humble price of only $0.37, there are plenty of predictions that such a revolutionizing technology won’t go unnoticed and could become the next 1,000 percent ICO. Some really serious developers stand behind this project (including former Google and Microsoft employees). You can find more information about their impressive team on Matrix’s official website.

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Hiring AI devs

KickCoin (KICK), which currently makes into the top 150 coins by market cap, is also stepping up its AI game by expanding the team of developers. This Blockchain-based platform was specifically designed for organizing fundraising events (ICO, pre-ICO and so). KICK’s price is a bit underwhelming ($0.104, but performance indicators are showing an ongoing positive trend as crypto crowdfunding becomes more popular. With further utilization of artificial intelligence, KickCoin may significantly improve its positions.     

The new project named U.Community is still in the early stage of development, but it is a very ambitious endeavor, since they want to come up with a multifunctional platform that will a cryptocurrency exchange along with AI-powered instruments for market analysis. You can also see the list of other Blockchain projects that utilize artificial intelligence here.

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