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Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops Significantly — Will it be Enough to Entice Miners Back?

The price drop in Bitcoin has had its effect on the mining industry, and as such, there has been a monumental fall in its difficulty
Bitcoin Mining Difficulty Drops Significantly — Will it be Enough to Entice Miners Back?

The latest drop in price for Bitcoin, which saw it fall dramatically below the $6,000 mark to settle just under $4,000, has had a detrimental effect on the mining ecosystem of the cryptocurrency. It has seen a host of major mining pools and organisations shut down their miners.

However, as is the nature of Bitcoin and its decentralised network of miners, as the mining input decreases, so does the hashrate, and thus the difficulty of mining Bitcoin also decreases. The hashrate of Bitcoin has been in decline since October, but the continued exodus has seen the difficulty drop by 15 percent, the second-largest drop in history.

Mining is always a fine balance of profitability, and while the price of the asset has made it unprofitable for most miners, it remains to be seen whether this drop in hash, and subsequent ease in difficulty, will be enough to entice miners back and push the hashrate up again.

A downturn in hash

The general movement of Bitcoin’s hashrate has almost always been in an upward trend thanks to general price uptrend coupled with rapid advancements in mining technology. However, the drop in October was an overall effect of a bear market which has lasted nearly a full year.

With the price of Bitcoin hovering below $4,000, it is understandable that profit-driven miners are shutting up shop as it is estimated that it costs, on average, about $4,500 to mine a single coin.

With this drop amounting to an 18 percent decrease in difficulty, it is substantial, considering the last time the difficulty decreased was on July 15, and such decreases have been a rare occurrence over the past several years.


What to make of it?

There are two arguments that are raging on either side of the Bitcoin coin. Some believe that this drop in price is actually a good thing as it gets rid of all the speculative investors and those who were never in the technology for the right reasons.

However, some also feel that this is the beginning of the end for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The mining algorithm change is a microcosm of this same argument as some see it as a chance for new and healthy developments, while others predict a death spiral.

Bitcoin mining is an integral part of the cryptocurrency, and the fact that this latest price drop is so significant as to cause at least 100,000 individual miners to shut down, according to Autonomous Research LLP. Fundstrat Global Advisors LLC, is serious business.

However, the fact that the difficulty is decreasing is part of the reason why Bitcoin mining can still remain profitable regardless of the price. It can equalise to a point where it once again is profitable and could entice miners back into the fold, regardless of the price.

eToro Senior Market Analyst Mati Greenspan said recently that the latest hashrate decline is a healthy market development, given the parabolic rate at which it grew over the previous 12 months — even as prices plunged.

“Bitcoin’s hash rate has indeed dropped in the last few weeks but this is not at all concerning,” Greenspan said. “It’s actually comforting as the rate has risen so sharply over the course of the year and is now returning to normalized levels.”

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Darryn Pollock

Blockchain and Crypto Offering Opportunities to Women Not Seen Elsewhere

Blockchain tech is touted to be a disruptive new wave, and for those involved, it also offers an opportunity for women to stake dominance
Blockchain and Crypto Offering Opportunities to Women Not Seen Elsewhere

While the cryptocurrency and Blockchain space may have begun as  male-dominated space, there is every opportunity and reason for more and more women to enter the space. This new area of technology has no real barrier to entry, no old boy’s clubs or traditional prejudices, and can benefit from a whole other side of society pushing its growth.

A number of women are staking a claim in the bustling ecosystem, entrenching themselves in different facets of Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Women able to enter the space without the same issues as other traditional spheres of business, such as banking and IT, and as such, are able to add some much needed muscle.

Still male dominated

It may have something to do with its technological roots, but the Blockchain and cryptocurrency space has a male domination of around 91 percent, according to Coin Dance. But there is a big drive for that to change.

“There’s a lot of wealth being generated, and a lot of times we're left out of the conversation. It's left to the males, the husbands, the partners, significant others, etc. But it's just as easy for us to get involved,” said Shanah Walton, an investor in crypto.

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"My primary goal is… to promote diversity in the space, and get women involved and let them know it's not as hard or as nerdy or as techy as you would think it is.”

Flexibility, fast-paced and freedom

The Blockchain and cryptocurrency space also offers a lot of bonuses that are particularly beneficial to women. The evolving space does not adhere to 9 - 5 office bound work, and is rather far more global, flexible and fulfilling.

“Most people I think that I've interacted with are working from home or a coffee shop or wherever is most expedient. So for moms, that's a huge opportunity,” Meredith Davis, a former US Marine who also worked in government for years, and is currently seven months pregnant, said.

For pregnant women, mothers of young children, or even stay at home moms, there is opportunity to work in a busy and burgeoning space just with a laptop from any location.

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“It’s a global market. It’s 24 hours. So after the kids go to bed, you can get on your computer and do anything,” Walton added.


Using it to their advantage

The Blockchain environment is also offering women a  chance to enter a business space that they can dominate in, and design to their own needs and wants. The rules are not hard and fast, and as such, there is room for women thought leaders to utilize the technology.

Adryenn Ashley, CEO and founder of dating app Loly, spoke to Cryptocomes about the ‘bro culture’ that is still prevalent, but is being challenged with more women entering the space.

“If we create the infrastructure and the environment where women feel safe, they will thrive. We already know that women are a better investment. They're a better long-term risk. They're gonna make more money, they're going to fail less, they're going to work harder, they're going to put more into it,” Ashley said.

“We already know this, so women should be getting more investment, but they're not– just because of the way the system is designed.”

Additionally, Leah Callon-Butler, co-founder and Chief Impact Officer of Intimate, a cryptocurrency and platform aiming to facilitate payment and trust for the adult industry, also notes how women in the space can being a lot more in terms of different skill sets.

“Blockchain is a space where it's all about decentralization, it’s about giving power to the least represented and the most vulnerable,” she told Cryptocomes.

“I guess I'm relatively new to this space and sometimes it's hard because you think - if I'm not a computer scientist or an engineer or a mathematician or a cryptographer, then maybe I shouldn't be here,” Callon-Butler added.

“But I have different skills that I bring to the space and the social impact is something that I'm really passionate about - seeing more women in technology, more women recognized for what they do. Diversity and inclusion is one of the most powerful mechanisms of competitive advantage that we have.”

Disruptive tech

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have long threatened to disrupt a number of different sectors from finance to technology and everything in between. But this new space also offers an opportunity for the male-dominated and directed working environment to be put on its head.

This disruption opens up new avenues for women to enter a work space that suits them far more than what has been seen in the past.

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Robinhood Launches Cryptocurrency Trading

Robinhood trading app has launched their cryptocurrency trading service.
Robinhood Launches Cryptocurrency Trading

In a blog post that came out today, Robinhood trading app announced that cryptocurrency trading was now being gradually rolled out to California, Massachusetts, Missouri, Montana, and New Hampshire users. The launch comes one month after Robinhood announced that they would be adding cryptocurrency trading to their exchange.

Currently, only a limited number of users have access to cryptocurrency trading on Robinhood and they are only capable of trading Bitcoin and Ethereum. In a statement Robinhood released in January, Robinhood mentioned that cryptocurrency trading will be accessible by more users and more coins would be tradeable in the future. Although cryptocurrency trading is not available to all Robinhood users at the moment, every Robinhood user has the ability to track 16 cryptocurrencies through Robinhood – Ripple, Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin Cash being a few of those currencies.

In addition to the cryptocurrency trading announcement, Robinhood announced a new communication service that allows users to discuss cryptocurrency; Robinhood’s “Feed” will allow users to discuss news and market swings. Robinhood says Feed is already available for a limited number of users and that the platform will evolve based on user feedback.

Although Robinhood’s cryptocurrency trading is up and running, it does not allow users all the abilities they would have on a cryptocurrency exchange. Robinhood currently does not allow users to transfer their existing coins to Robinhood to trade; Robinhood does this to prevent money that was illegally obtained from entering the Robinhood exchange. Robinhood also does not allow their users to withdraw their coins, however, the company says they plan to allow users to withdraw their coins from Robinhood in the future.

Over 1 mln users have signed up for early access to Robinhood’s cryptocurrency service. On the Robinhood trading app, users can buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum commission-free.  Upon mentioning plans to implement cryptocurrency trading, Robinhood’s user base grew to 4 mln users.  This means that the 1 mln users in line for early access to Robinhood’s cryptocurrency trading service represent 25 percent of Robinhood’s entire user base. The day Robinhood announced they would be providing cryptocurrency trading services on their platform – Jan. 25, 2018 – Bitcoin price was $11,600. Today – the day Robinhood launched their cryptocurrency trading service – Bitcoin price has dropped to $9,924.

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China’s Ruling Party Newspaper Gives Blockchain Tech Unprecedented Highlight, Related Stocks Jump

People's Daily, Communist Party of China’s official newspaper and frequent mouthpiece devoted one full page on Feb. 26 explaining Blockchain’s technological potential and applications outside of cryptocurrencies.
China’s Ruling Party Newspaper Gives Blockchain Tech Unprecedented Highlight, Related Stocks Jump

People's Daily, Communist Party of China’s official newspaper and frequent mouthpiece, devoted one full page on Feb. 26 explaining Blockchain’s technological potential and applications outside of cryptocurrencies.

This is an unprecedented scale of coverage on Blockchain technology by the paper, which is widely seen as an indicator of where Chinese policy is going.

Blockchain-related stocks on China’s Shanghai and Shenzhen stock exchange saw their prices jump at the release of the reports.

“The main report, titled ‘Three questions for Blockchain,’ addressed the ‘Wild Wild West’ situation of initial coin offerings, calling it ‘just another way of attracting funds.”

Hu Danqing of Alibaba Group’s Ant Finance said initiators of ICOs should be held accountable and that government regulation of the industry will be good for its development.

Home-grown Blockchain

According to Wang Jun, senior researcher at Tencent’s fintech think tank as quoted in the newspaper, China needs to develop home-grown Blockchain technology.

The article also explored Blockchain’s application in finance, charity, compliance and combating counterfeit products, a longstanding headache in China.

Other industry experts cited are He Fei of China Bank of Communications and Zhang Kaixiang, senior architect of WeBank, who helped develop China’s first open-source Blockchain platform.

The report is published less than 10 days before the beginning of “two sessions,” China’s annual gathering of National People’s Congress and Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, in which representatives all over the country will gather in Beijing and discuss policy issues as a demonstration of China’s representative politics.

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Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem “Pioneering a New Category of Exchange”

Dacxi is pioneering a new community exchange ecosystem
Dacxi Community Exchange Ecosystem “Pioneering a New Category of Exchange”

To date the number of people involved in crypto investing and trading has grown to 0.5 percent of the Earth’s population. However, for crypto investing to be adopted by the mainstream there’s a need for a new kind of crypto exchange. Until recently, most crypto-exchanges have been created for the trader market, not the mainstream retail-investor market.

Trader Exchanges like Binance or Bittrex are too technical and intimidating for mainstream users. This is the problem that Dacxi (or Digital Asset Community Exchange International) will solve. Dacxi is new kind of exchange called a “Community Exchange” that is currently in public ICO: https://www.dacxi-ico.com


What is Dacxi

Dacxi is pioneering a new Community Exchange ecosystem. This consists of a crypto exchange that is simple to use, plus a dedicated community platform that provides new crypto people with the knowledge, tools and learning resources they need to invest in a safe and responsible way. The community includes learning modules, discussion groups and a Coinpedia that contains information on the top crypto coins. It’s a simple and powerful concept that makes a lot of sense. The ecosystem includes the DAC coin, the community binding exchange coin that links the ecosystem platforms together.

What can this project offer me?

  1. A simple and intuitive cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can buy and sell leading crypto coins.

  2. Security of personal assets and data. Dacxi ensures a high level of data protection thanks to the Blockchain and encryption.

  3. Multi-language interface with fast and simple navigation for a best in class user experience.

  4. The Dacxi Community– this initiative will help new mainstream users get the information they need to learn how to invest in crypto. Community members can join discussions, take learning courses, participate in real-world meetups, get access to coin analysis and read the latest crypto news.

  5. The Dacxi ICO. Dacxi’s crypto coin, the DAC might be the next big exchange coin. Binance’s BNB has performed very well in 2018. DAC is similar and has the potential to do well as the Dacxi Exchange grows.

Interface and usability

Dacxi is one of the most user-friendly exchange platforms so far. It’s clear from the first moment you open their website and register. There’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.


One of Dacxi’s strongest points of difference is that unlike most ICOs, their business is already in market. All of their platforms are live and they’ve launched a customer acquisition campaign designed to swiftly reach a critical mass of users. They have an ambitious plan in place to evolve and update each platform with new features.

Pros and cons

Dacxi is a new project. Let’s highlight key pros and cons of this platform:



Since it’s a community driven project, users help each other with learning and understanding how crypto works

Lack of some essential features, such as portfolios and customization options. These are on the road map for future updates

Advanced Blockchain technologies, smart contract, better security organization

The Exchange is in beta. Crypto withdrawals are not available until August. Fiat deposits and withdrawals will be available soon after

Transaction processing speed is high, exchange operations are fast

The trading platform is young

Simple, intuitive interface

Transaction fees will be introduced (some exchange platforms have zero percent commission)

How to use Dacxi

To become a fully-fledged user of Dacxi, you don’t have to learn the nooks and crannies of cryptocurrency exchange– the platform is intuitive.

  1. Register on Dacxi website and provide basic information about your account.

  2. Buy the cryptocurrency you need– it will be stored on your private wallet.

  3. Buy DAC coin if you wish. If you hold 10,000 DAC you get a 25 percent discount on trading fees.

  4. Make a buy or sell order.

  5. Wait for the exchange to be performed.

The process isn’t hard, and new users will quickly understand it.


Bottom line

The idea underlying the Dacxi project is strong. Dacxi will disrupt the crypto exchange market and become the number one community exchange brand in crypto. Their mission is to onboard the next wave of mainstream retail investors into crypto by empowering them to invest in a safe and responsible way.

To learn more about Dacxi, take part in the ICO, or to join their exchange and community.

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Binance Coin Price Prediction - How Far Can BNB Grow?

📚 Wikicoin
Binance is a Blockchain ecosystem comprised of Exchange, Labs, Launchpad and Info. We expect further growth of the BNB cryptocurrency
Binance Coin Price Prediction - How Far Can BNB Grow?

Binance has found its way onto the headlines over and over again. At first, they launched a $1 bln investment fund and then, they celebrated over eight mln users. These new achievements water down the previous $15 mln raised in July 2017 and astounding growth in membership. The soaring success has also brought about several rumors concerning BNB price prediction.

In spite of the stellar performance of the company, Binance Labs never relented, rather, they kept pushing boundaries. The LaunchPad product which was tested in December 2017 with the Gifto Official’s ICO saw the corporation amass millions of dollars in seconds. They still didn’t rest their oars, as they’ve announced that they have more projects in the pipeline.

Their impressive track record is what underpins the myriad of BNB price prediction floating around, asserting that the coin will peak in a very short while.

But we cannot depend on hearsay alone, let’s find out if BNB will really do well in the market. If they will, what’s the underlying reason? If not, we need to find out why.

Binance offers a trading fee discount

Revenue is an important source of growth, no doubt. However, an equally important metric is the volume of trade being handled. BNB dealt with this wisely and offered traders a 50 percent discount when they make use of Binance exchange for the payment of fees. This seemingly little introduction goes a long way in encouraging customer adoption and BNB price prediction for 2018 is gaining traction because of this.

Binance affiliate bonus

Yes, there’s such a thing as the affiliate bonus with Binance. In fact, the earnings recently increased for those who hold a minimum of 500 BNB. The affiliate program rewards traders with 50 percent of the trading fees of those referred. This means that if you refer a trader who goes on to incur a trading fee of about $50, you will get paid $25.

For those who do not meet the minimum, the bonus was cut to 20 percent and the strategic advantage this offers can be seen below:

  1. It increases earnings in the short term

  2. Improves overall profit in the long-term

  3. Provide a perfect setup to create a new demand feature.

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Token sale participation for LaunchPad

LaunchPad is a Binance product which was established to help startups raise capital as at when due. They have tested this product and it has proved its reliability. This strategy then, that startups are required to purchase BNB tokens before they can participate in the fundraising exercise is an equally viable one and it will cause the value to increase.

BNB trading pairs

There are over 70 trading pairs of BNB. This means that BNB is available to be traded with 70 other cryptocurrencies on several digital exchanges. This goes to show how valuable it is and it also demonstrates that the demand for this coin is on the increase.

One more thing on trading pairs, the trading pair utility opens traders up to more arbitrage opportunities. What does this mean? Simply means that if there’s an NEO/BTC pair and a BNB/NEO pair, one can leverage the BNB/NEO pair rather than trading BTC because of the significant difference in price.

BNB price prediction

Now, to the real deal. Based on the evidence provided above, what is the verdict? Let’s consider a few other things:

  1. The initial total supply was 200 mln tokens but they have a buy-back clause which aims to reduce the total supply to 100 mln.

  2. It is an ERC 20 token.

  3. It has a market cap of $1.259 bln, the 18th largest.

  4. It is currently selling at $13.19

For the analysis, we shall draw on the data and equations provided here.

At the moment, the volume of BNB available is 4.3222 percent of the total physical currency A (including that in the central bank). The BNB available is also 0.3041 percent of the total currency B(including the amount in demand accounts, checking accounts, savings accounts, money market accounts, and certificate of deposit of accounts less than $100,000).

If one percent of the total physical currency A is infused into the crypto market and Binance coin maintains the current share, the price of BNB would be $2.98. If 16 percent of the said amount is pumped in, BNB would increase to $47.66 and if the percentage rises to 32 percent, it becomes $95.31.

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However, BNB price prediction takes a drastic turn in the case of currency B. if one percent is invested, it becomes $42.33, if 16 percent is invested, it becomes $677.33, if 32 percent is invested, it rises to $1,354.66.


Like we always warn, the crypto market is volatile and risky. This shouldn’t be taken as financial advice and we’re not liable for any loss incurred. Only invest after you’ve assiduously researched the market. One more thing, have fun while you do so!

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