Bitcoin Is Much Better Than Gold – Unseizable and Extremely Portable: Weiss Ratings

Sat, 01/04/2020 - 12:03
Yuri Molchan
In the seemingly endless dispute of investors about gold and Bitcoin, the financial agency Weiss Ratings takes the side of BTC, mentioning its advantages over gold
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Two prominent experts in the sphere of finance and economy have recently slammed Bitcoin as inferior to gold – the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and the chairman of SchiffGold Peter Schiff and billionaire Mark Cuban.

However, the financial agency Weiss Ratings takes the side of the flagship digital currency and explains why.

Weiss Ratings takes the side of Bitcoin

The Weiss Crypto Ratings branch of the agency assesses various aspects of different crypto coins and even ranks them. Its personal favorite seems to be Cardano (ADA). Last year, it praised this platform several times, saying that it is superior to other platforms and coins.

Weiss Crypto Ratings twice decreased the techno score of EOS for lack of decentralization in the project.

Now, the agency takes the side of Bitcoin in the argument about whether gold is better than Bitcoin or not that has been going on Twitter and in media for a long time already.

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'Unseazable and extremely portable'

In its recent tweet, the agency states that, unlike gold, Bitcoin cannot be seized and it is extremely portable. Anyone can send any amount of BTC to almost any spot on the planet cheaply and extremely quickly.

Those who prefer gold over BTC

As has been reported by U.Today recently, the billionaire Mark Cuban stated that he’d rather buy bananas than Bitcoin. Later on, he mentioned on Twitter that Bitcoin is less useful than gold, entering a debate with the crypto community and with the prominent BTC supporter Anthony Pompliano in particular.

Peter Schiff, the CEO of Euro Pacific Capital, is also known to be a Bitcoin hater, who believes that gold is the most reliable investment.

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