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Binance Exchange Invests in Community-Owned Malta Bank

Malta-based Founders Bank is developing innovative fintech solutions, Binance is the major investor
Binance Exchange Invests in Community-Owned Malta Bank


Founders bank is a brand new company in Malta that plans to eliminate the gap between the existing financial sphere and crypto startups. It intends to cooperate with a Blockchain-powered platform Neufund to issue its own legally-binding equity tokens.

How the bank will work

The offering will be performed under German jurisdiction with the help of one of the largest European stock exchanges later in 2018. It will make all market participants equal co-owners of Founders Bank. This solution is innovative since it will let customers decide on the bank’s strategy. Also, the bank is using smart contracts for governing.

Once the Founders Bank obtains a license, it will be the world’s first decentralized community-owned bank, showing the possible way the banking industry will work in the future.

The Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, said in an interview that he is excited at the growing opportunities for the distributed ledger technology (DLT) in Malta and plans to launch more partnerships there.

License to be obtained soon

The bank’s primary goal is to work with tech and crypto businesses and produce top-notch  solutions for banks. User accounts will be accessible from the mobile and desktop web app. Clients will be able to link their accounts with credit cards of the Founders Bank.

The company is to obtain the official license early in 2019. The Equity Token Offering will be conducted through Neufund later in 2018.

Founders Bank will be governed by experienced businessmen and fintech experts.

Malta and the Blockchain industry

The Blockchain ecosystem of the island has been developing at a high pace over the last year. The largest crypto startups moved to Malta, including the Binance exchange. In early July the local parliament created beneficial working conditions for DLT startups and digital assets. So now more and more fintech projects and startups are appearing in this country.

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Crypto Markets in Green, Bitcoin, Altcoins in Correction Mood: Price Analysis, May 30

Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies are in correction on Wednesday. Bytecoin is day’s leader
Crypto Markets in Green, Bitcoin, Altcoins in Correction Mood: Price Analysis, May 30

Crypto market is in green on Wednesday. All coins from the top 20 are in correction having positive moods. Is it a complete reverse or just a bullish correction on the eve of an even greater decline?

We don’t think that the crypto industry has changed its mind and reversed with no significant reason. It seems to be a correction as market players are bored of this downside tendency already. They wanted some air to breathe. However, there is one important event that is to be mentioned. South Korea is ready to reverse ICO’s ban. This event is important for the whole industry and is one of the reasons for the current correction.

As for other news, there are no important ones to affect the markets significantly. However, we would like you to pay attention to the following aspects. First, Chinese security Giant 360 has found vulnerabilities in EOS system that lead to possibilities of execution of  arbitrary code on any EOS node. This event had almost no impact on EOS as the cryptocurrency added nearly 10 percent on Tuesday-Wednesday.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price Analysis, May 30

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price analysis, May 25

Bitcoin has started a bullish correction finally. BTC price is above the midterm descending trend line. The goals at $6,510 are still actual, but they may be reached after a correction only. However, fundamental factors like ICO’s ban reverse in South Korea may break midterm downside scenario.

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) Price analysis, May 25

Let’s have a closer look at BTC/USD within Fibonacci formation. The currency pair follows the orange scenario in the moment of writing. BTC price has crossed $7,199 area on Tuesday and reached the resistance area at $7,565, which coincides with 1.618 retracement level.

What are the possible ways for Bitcoin in the next 24 hours?

  1. Orange scenario. BTC price will jump off the current resistance area at $7,565 and move towards the support area at $7,199. If sellers will be able to break this support area out, there is a possibility of red scenario below $7,199.
  2. Green scenario (deeper bullish correction). Bitcoin will cross $7,565 resistance area and move higher targeting one retracement level, which coincides with the next resistance area at $7,949.

We think that Bitcoin is likely to develop its correction on Wednesday.

Ethereum (ETH/USD) Price Analysis, May 30

ETH/USD Hourly

Ethereum added over seven percent in the past 24 hours as the currency pair has started a bullish correction finally. ETH/USD has crossed the midterm descending trend line and fluctuates above it. The currency pair is still in the downtrend, but this bullish correction may be deeper depending on levels that ETH price will approach and cross.


Let’s get down to Fibonacci and see what perspectives ETH/USD has in the nearest future (in the next 24 hours, to be more exact). The currency pair jumped off 3.618 retracement level on Monday-Tuesday and moved towards 2.618 retracement level, which coincides with $566.90 resistance area. What are the possible ways for ETH/USD in the next 24 hours?

1.    Red scenario (bearish). The currency pair will end the correction close to the current level and reverses downwards targeting the red midterm descending trend line and 3.618 retracement level (which is the closest support area currently).

2.    Orange scenario (neutral). Ethereum will move towards the closest resistance area at $596.08 and reverse there to reach 2.618 retracement area. This is a neutral scenario as the price will stay within the current range.

3.    Green scenario (bullish correction). Ethereum will reach $596.08 resistance area, cross it and run higher, towards 1.618 retracement level, which coincides with $626.66 resistance area.

Ripple (XRP/USD) Price Analysis, May 30

XRP/USD Hourly

Ripple has added more than eight percent in the past 24 hours meaning the crypto is in a deeper correction currently. XRP/USD has successfully tested another local descending trend line and fluctuates above in the moment of writing.


Let’s see what is going on the hourly chart within the Fibonacci retracement indicator. XRP price has crossed $0.5914 resistance area and even tested it from the above. Bulls were able to hold their lines and to move XRP/USD even higher towards $0.6216, which coincides with 1.618 retracement level. That we see now is the attempt to test this level again. Let’s look through the possible ways for XRP/USD:

1.    Red scenario (bearish). XRP/USD will move towards $0.5914 and cross this area targeting 2.618 retracement level. The red scenario is also possible via Orange one (meaning XRP/USD will reach $0.6216 again, jump off it and then fall below $0.5914).

2.    Orange scenario (neutral). Ripple will retest $0.6216 resistance area and reverse downwards targeting $0.5914 support area.

3.    Green scenario (bullish correction). XRP/USD will break through $0.6216 resistance area targeting $0.6515 resistance area, which coincides with one retracement level.

EOS (EOS/USD) Price Analysis, May 30

EOS/USD Hourly

The currency pair added more than nine percent in the past 24 hours. EOS/USD has started a correction to the downtrend and it seems like bulls are able to develop it. However, this is still a correction as EOS/USD needs to leave Fibo at least to point at a full reverse.


Let’s see what’s happening on the hourly chart within Fibonacci retracement. The currency pair reached 0.236 retracement level on Tuesday and retested it on Wednesday. However, sellers still hold their lines and prevent buyers from moving EOS/USD higher. This situation looks clear at the moment of writing and we see the following ways for EOS in the nearest future:

1.    Red scenario (bearish). The currency pair will break through 0.236 retracement level targeting 0.382 retracement level, which coincides with $11.92. Once this level is broken out successfully, sellers will be able to move EOS/USD even lower.

2.    Orange scenario (neutral). The currency pair will reach 0 retracement level, which coincides with $12.81 resistance area and reverse downwards targeting 0.236 retracement level.

3.    Green scenario (bullish). The currency pair will reach zero retracement level, cross it and move higher targeting the next resistance area at $13.45.

Bytecoin (BCN/USD) Price Analysis, May 30

 BCN/USD Hourly

Bytecoin added over 27 percent in the past 24 hours being the leader of the top 20. The currency pair is still in the downtrend but shows some signs of a reverse. However, such huge fluctuations may be due to lower liquidity.


Let’s have a closer look at the hourly chart as the price is within the Fibo retracement graphic tool. The currency pair has crossed the red descending trend line on Monday and jumped over several resistance areas and retracement levels. Let’s see what are the perspectives for BCN/USD in the next 24 hours:

1.    Red scenario (bearish). BCN/USD will develop its local downside move targeting the following levels and areas 0.382 and 0.5 (the last one coincides with $0.0061 support area). If successful, bears will be able to push BCN/USD even lower.

2.    Orange scenario (neutral). The currency pair will move towards 0.5 retracement level and jump off it targeting 0.236 retracement level, which coincides with $0.0067 resistance area.

3.    Green scenario (bullish correction). BCN/USD will jump over 0.236 retracement level, which coincides with $0.0067 resistance area and run higher, towards 0 retracement level.

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Look What Happens When The Ball Hits Your Head !! ⚽️????

Crypto Gags
Vladimir Putin + Crypto Taxes = That's Amore ????
Look What Happens When The Ball Hits Your Head !! ⚽️????

putin taxes


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BTC & BCH Has Found Short-Term Bottom, Ripple Exploded: Crypto Price Analysis, Sept. 19, 2018

Bitcoin respected our mentioned level and is currently on the triangle after the bullish momentum Ripple exploded, Bitcoin Cash has found a “Double Bottom”
BTC & BCH Has Found Short-Term Bottom, Ripple Exploded: Crypto Price Analysis, Sept. 19, 2018

*** Please note the analysis below is not investment advice. The views and opinions expressed here are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of U.Today. Every investment and trading move involves risk, you should conduct your own research when making a decision.

Bitcoin respected our mentioned level

The whole market made a short pump upwards. This was due to the fact that BTC bounced upwards from our mentioned level at $6,250. BTC’s move pulled all the altcoins upwards as well and like we said the whole market got pretty nice bullish momentums.

Bitcoin respected our mentioned level

From a technical perspective, Bitcoin now trades above the major counter trendline which is pulled from Sept. 18. The bounce from $6,250 made a scarcely higher low which is good for the price structure and will indicate that we are still in the short-term bullish market.

Currently, we are on the chart pattern, slightly in the bullish "Ascending Triangle.” If we break upwards then we could see another leg up to the important resistance levels. The next and first resistance would be around the April low, in the one-hour chart there is 200 EMA and in the four-hour chart there is 50 EMA.

If we don't find the power to break through from the triangle upper trendline then the first bearish sign will be when we get a candle close below the counter trendline. After that, we might go and retest the strong area at $6,250 but nothing can be confirmed before we see a candle close below the counter trendline.

Ripple (XRP/USD) exploded

Yesterday, when the whole market started to pump upwards, Ripple just exploded. We’ve discovered the bullish chart pattern (Inverted Head & Shoulders) on the XRP/USD chart and it even made five percent in minutes! The detailed post is here: (https://www.tradingview.com/chart/XRPUSD/aWWYaTLf-RIPPLE-XRP-USD-Inverted-Head-and-Shoulders/)

Ripple (XRP/USD) exploded

Currently, it has made a little bit over 18 percent growth since we discover this momentum and now we could see another move upwards if we can break above the bullish "Ascending Triangle" upper trendline/support. Our main target is the round number $0.4 but we could see stops around $0.35 and around $0.38. This move upwards should also be supported by Bitcoin, BTC has to at least hold the current price and can't break below the counter trendline, if it manages to hold this then Ripple definitely starts to climb higher.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD) “Double Bottom”

After the pump on the market, BCH shows us bullish momentum, it was supported by the “Double bottom” chart pattern.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH/USD) “Double Bottom”

The 2018 low support level is around the $400 level and as you can see on the chart we made a bounce upwards from there and this bounce creates a "Double bottom" chart pattern which indicates that we may see a move upwards but again it is all based on what BTC does! If it finds the short-term momentum to break above the triangle then we have a nice platform on the BCH chart as well.

The target would be the next round number of $500, criteria:

1. The major trendline, which is pulled from the wicks on the four-hour chart since Jan. 11, 2018

2. The round number of $500 starts to work as a resistance

3. Fibonacci retracement 38 percent

4. Fibonacci extensions from the current waves are between 141 percent and 162 percent

If BTC starts to show a weakness then we could see that BCH follow this move and the bearish confirmation would be a candle close below the $400 level. A candle close below the 2018 low level and below the round number will guide us to the drop and the main target would be $300.

Technically a good place for the price reversal (at least short-term):

1. The minor trendline since Nov. 16, 2017

2. The round number of $300 starts to work as a support

3. Fibonacci extension 141 percent pulled from July 24 to Aug. 14.

Both, the upward target and the downward target, are in the crossing area. If some price action criteria match each other then it will make this area much stronger.

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Tron Price Prediction for December: One-Month Performance of -42.39%, Can This Change?

Tron price had a step decline during the past month, with losses of 42%
Tron Price Prediction for December: One-Month Performance of -42.39%, Can This Change?

Tron price had a step decline during the past month, with losses of 42%. As of Dec. 9, 2018, Tron was falling 7.63% for the past twenty-four hours to a current price of $ 0.013. It has number ten on top one hundred cryptocurrencies by market capitalization on coinmarketcap.com with a market capitalization of $866.184.465.

In this article we will make a Tron price prediction. It is not an investment recommendation and any Tron predictions for December are highly uncertain and contains a lot of investing risk. The key points of analyzed will focus on a prediction end year, and a Tron price today​​ for the remaining 2018.Is this one-month decline of 42% reversible or it will continue?

Tron price prediction article
Tron crypto image


Tron price prediction December

A TRX price prediction made by coinswitch.co is in line with current downtrend. The Tron price prediction is for a price with a range of $0.05-$0.07 by the end of December 2018. With a current price of $0.1283 this is a severe decline of about 45%-61%. Could this happen? Based on recent volatility and the decline for the top ten cryptocurrencies by market capitalization this scenario is possible. The main question is what can make a more accurate Tron coin price prediction?

All Tron predictions are based on probabilities. A TRX coin price prediction is highly uncertain. An interesting Tron price prediction 2018 is made by WalletInvestor.com. They mention “TRON price equal to 0.0130 USD at 2018-12-07, but your current investment may be devalued in the future.”

They provide only TRX predictions for the future and are very pessimistic with a one-year target of $0.000001. This practically means that the Tron will lose 100% of this market value and market capitalization within one year, in 2019.

Tron price prediction end year

A Tron forecast by tradingbeasts.com is again not optimistic.

“The Tron price is forecasted to reach $0.03 by the beginning of January 2019. The expected maximum price is $0.04, minimum price $0.02. The TRON price prediction for the end of the month is $0.03.”

There are two price predictions that are very negative for its price by the end of 2018. A look at positive and negative factors for Tron coin’s growth and prospects is important to analyze what could really drive the price in 2019, a Tron prediction based on arguments.

Some of the pros for Tron’s growth are:

  • Partnerships
  • Tron founder public profile
  • Exodus mainnet launch and potential

Some of the factors that are negative for Tron coin prediction and beyond are:

  • No working product
  • Questionable marketing
  • Plagiarism accusations
  • Lack of adoption
  • TRX distribution

Another important factor which may weigh on TR price prediction is the increased competition expected by major names such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Tron price prediction 2019

A TRX coin prediction for 2019 starts with what is really Tron. The following Tron forecast range is indicative about how the price could move in 2019:

  • Tradingbeasts.com estimates that TRX currency value will be about $0.07 in December 2019. This price will have increased as in January 2019 the average TRX prediction is for a price of $0.03.
  • Smartereum.com reports that “Analysts have predicted that the value of the digital currency will increase to $3.75 by the end of this year. They also predicted that the price of Tron might hit the $12 mark by the end of 2019. Based on the analysis of the present value of the digital currency, they have also predicted that by 2020, the value of Tron could get to $52.91.”
  • Coinswitch.com makes the following TRX price predictions, $0.148 and $0.315 for 1-year and 3-year respectively. This 1-year forecast makes their forecast interesting as it suggests a price appreciation of about 100% in 2019 compared to their TRX prediction price in December 2018, and an upside potential of 1000% with Tron current chart.
  • Globalcoinreport.com mentions that “value will rise to $3.50 before 2018 closes. The predictions further say that the price of TRX might go above $10 by next year.” Any Tron value prediction is not an investment advice or investment recommendation as mentioned also on their site.

The following infographic explains the various stages of Tron’s roadmap. It is important to mention that online searches for key terms such as Tronix wallet, Tron will result in a plethora of information.

The prediction about Tron future price and the question is 5ron a good investment on 2018 or 2019, should take into consideration the regulatory issues worldwide. With limited business applications and prospects the question why is Tron going up, or why Tron is going down is simply more logical. Fundamental reasons, other than technical reasons are the key drivers for TRX price.

Tron coin and its various business stages
Tron coin infographic

TRX price forecast

What is the future of Tron coin and a coin prediction 2018?

The following hourly chart as of Dec. 9, 2018 shows that a short-term bottom was formed at $0.01221 and price moved higher to $0.01341. But is this enough to call it a real bottom? The answer is no. A longer term chart will be used, and this will be the daily chart.

Tron hourly chart
Is Tron going up after a selloff?


Tron price prediction end of 2018

Tron daily chart
Tron price prediction for December 2018


Our technical analysis for Tron coin on daily chart shows that:

  • A strong downtrend is the dominant trend. The ADX/DMI indicator confirms this. The ADX line is at 33.84, the DI- line with red color has a reading of 31.64 and DI+ line with blue color a reading of 17.09.
  • MACD indicator has made a bullish crossover but is still negative. A potential double bottom at $0.011 may soon form.
  • Momentum indicator is rising indicating that the recent downtrend may pause for a while.
  • The daily Bollinger bands are now at 0.011 and 0.0173 for the lower and upper band respectively. This means that there is a 95% probability that the price will remain within that range, with no breakout either up or down occurring any time soon. The increased volatility may continue for the remaining of December 2018.
  • There is only a recent support level at $0.011. If this is tested again and does not hold price could move lower.
  • There are former support, now resistance levels at $0.0174, $0.016, $0.02068.
  • The daily 20-period and 50-period exponential moving averages are at $0.0151 and $0.0181. Both are declining, showing a strong downtrend.
  • An attempt for a significant bounce failed recently at the $0.01722 price level.
  • Fibonacci retracement analysis shows that taking the recent swing high of $0.02492 and the recent swing low price of 0.0109 the retracement levels of 0.5 and 0.618 are $0.01791 and $0.01956 respectively. These levels are expected to act as strong future resistance levels.
  • The current trend is a strong downtrend and if we must make a TRX price prediction for the remaining of 2018 it is in favor of lower prices. What is a potential range for our price prediction? A level of $0.010-$0.08 for the end of 2018.


No one can make accurate forecasts related to investments. So, this opinion is not an investment advice, rather a simple opinion. The 2018 has been a very volatile year for the major cryptocurrencies, and almost all of them saw steep declines. It is hard to explain that this trend will change in the remaining December 2018. Strong trends need catalysts and important news to change. For now, there are no such catalysts.

Perhaps, 2019 will be a better year for the cryptocurrencies, but to our opinion any substantial appreciation for the cryptocurrency market will be short-lived if the regulation framework does not change and more business proven applications are available. For now the continuous decline in the cryptocurrency market in 2018 does not leave much room to be optimistic in 2019.

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There’s Still a Lack of Trust in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Trust, even in the decentralized space of cryptocurrency is still vital, especially when it comes to exchanges
There’s Still a Lack of Trust in Cryptocurrency Exchanges

One of the draw cards of cryptocurrencies has always been the trustless nature of them. They are anonymous, transparent, and do not require a third-party to operate, thus making mathematics the only thing that needs to be trusted.

But, the trustless nature is almost a smokescreen for the everyday user of cryptocurrencies as many people operate their day-to-day cryptocurrency wallet through a centralized exchange. In fact, some of the biggest exchanges in the world are centralized.

This means that there is indeed still a need for trust, but that trust has not wholly been earned by the major cryptocurrencies that are still prone to attacks, hacks, scams and other malicious situations which in general paints the space in a negative light.

Thus, the biggest barrier to entry for new adopters of cryptocurrency is the fear they have of an untrusted and unregulated cryptocurrency market as it is based around a network of major centralized exchanges.

Understanding the centralized vs decentralized

The problem that the cryptocurrency space faces is that it is operating as a false-decentralized entity. This is something that Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin is against, as well as many powerful cryptocurrency people.

However, the everyday user is more prone to use a decentralized exchange, and without delving too much into the differences, the key one is the ability to turn fiat into crypto and vice-versa. Every day traders want the ability to buy and sell crypto easily for currency, and this means using a decentralized exchange.

This means that the exchange, rather than being a decentralized peer-to-peer trading platform, is actually operating much like a traditional bank.

Unregulated banking

So, despite the fact that many people have entered the cryptocurrency space to escape the banking hegemony, they will still use these centralized exchanges. But, they will use them knowing that they are not regulated, and thus not very liable if things go wrong.

Many believe that part of the reason that people are being kept away from cryptocurrencies is the fact that there is no real set regulation. Countries are starting to come forward and do their bit, especially in places like Korea and Japan, and this is shoring up the exchanges, but they are still full of holes.

Hacking high-jinx

The biggest concern is the fact that major exchanges are still being targeted and successfully hacked. Exchanges like Mt. Gox and Coincheck have provided the two biggest hacks, and they are both based in Japan. Even recently in Korea, Bithumb was hacked and has only just started resuming normal operations.

These hacks are highly publicised, and the fact that a lot of the exchanges are unregulated means there is no compensation for the affected victims. The Mt. Gox scandal still proves that people are hoping for repayments still to this day.

Trustworthy ecosystem

Until a time where these centralized exchanges are held liable as if they were banks, which is what Korea is aiming to do, or they do enough to make the ecosystem safe, there will be massive trust issues with new and emerging cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The talk of a Bitcoin revolution and a digital currency wave is faltering as the exchanges struggle to keep up with demands made on them to be safe and trustworthy.

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