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Astar Unveils Astar 2.0 Vision, Long-term Roadmap for Company

Thu, 06/15/2023 - 14:07
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Vladislav Sopov
Astar Network, cross-chain smart contracts platform, shares its Astar 2.0 Vision roadmap on tokenomics, community progress and tech development
Astar Unveils Astar 2.0 Vision, Long-term Roadmap for Company
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Astar Network, an EVM-compatible cross-chain platform, is set to accomplish impressive new milestones. Its ambitious Astar 2.0 Vision roadmap paves the way for a new level of interoperability, sustainability and developer friendliness. It is also backed by leading Japanese corporations from various industries.

Astar Network publishes Astar 2.0 Vision: What's new?

According to the official announcement shared by the team of Astar Network (ASTR), its Astar 2.0 Vision roadmap is officially published. It covers various aspects of the product's tokenomic design, massive adoption, developer ecosystem, partnerships, dApps and DAO development.

The roadmap is set to highlight the long-term goals of the rapidly growing Astar ecosystem. It gives a facelift to the network's tokenomics, organizational structure and pillars of technology architecture.

Namely, the ASTR asset's tokenomics will be reconsidered to better align with the long-term vision of the project and its decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). Namely, inflation rate, gas cost and the reward structure for dApp staking will all be adjusted.

In terms of the developer experience, the team will be focused on the progress of Astar Link, an ecosystem of customizable options and tailor-made SDKs. It will be able to cater to all use cases from decentralized gaming to DeFis and NFT marketplaces.

Sota Watanabe, the founder of Astar Network, is excited by the scope of innovations the new roadmap unlocks for Web3 developers, users, investors and so on:

We will push the network to unlock Web3 for billions. Each part of Astar 2.0 is being shaped and improved, starting with token economics and developer tooling to ensure the sustainable long-term growth of the network.

As a result, Astar is going to establish itself as a go-to Layer 1 blockchain for various types of applications.

Important partnerships for unstoppable dApps

Technically, it is set to result in the emergence of "unstoppable dApps," a new type of decentralized applications with a focus on sustainability and censorship resistance.

Astar Network will introduce new cross-chain apps on both EVM and WASM. It will also develop cutting-edge developer incentivization mechanism dApps staking.

As covered by U.Today previously, Astar Network partnered with two leading Japanese industry giants, Toyota Motor Corporation and Sony Network Communications.

Toyota Partners with Astar Network (ASTR), Announces Web3 Hackathon

Also, it recently issued NFTs for Japan Railway Group, the main local railway operator.

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