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XRP Perfect Payment Option for TapJets, Ripple Advocate Deaton Explains Why

Wed, 18/10/2023 - 13:15
XRP Perfect Payment Option for TapJets, Ripple Advocate Deaton Explains Why
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John Deaton, founder of Crypto-Law.US and a vocal XRP supporter in the Ripple-SEC case, has published a tweet about XRP and TapJets, the company that provides jet flights — the "Uber of jets," as Deaton referred to it.

He stressed the importance of XRP and its utility for the company. Besides, TapJets has supported Ripple in its legal war against the SEC regulator by filing an amicus brief in October last year.

TapJets enjoys utilizing XRP

Deaton reminded his followers that when filing the amicus brief to support Ripple, the company stressed how XRP solves real-life problems. This is how the company charges payments and how XRP is better for it than traditional bank transfers, according to Deaton: "If you need a Jet at the last minute you must pay the costs upfront: pilot, flight attendant, fuel, airport fees, etc. But if it's Friday or the weekend, banks are closed and no wire transfer is available."

He then added that XRP was developed to solve the problem of regular payments getting disabled on Friday nights/weekends. "TapJets accepts XRP as a form of payment. In 3-5 seconds, you've paid for the costs upfront and your jet is on standby." By filing the amicus brief, TapJets did its best to explain to the court why it does not believe XRP to be a security, contrary to what the SEC keeps insisting on.

Bitcoin and XRP, am crypto overall, mean revolution, Deaton concluded. He wrote all those pro-XRP arguments, commenting on the recent news that the automobile giant Ferrari began accepting XRP and other cryptos as payment in the U.S.

TapJets offers flights on private jets, and customers can use a special app to book their flight and resolve all nuances related to the flight.


More than 409 million XRP withdrawn from Bitvavo

Earlier this week, Whale Alert platform that tracks large crypto transactions noted an astounding XRP chunk moved from Bitvavo exchange. It was 409,776,402 XRP in total, evaluated at a whopping $201,627,816.

The transaction was conducted on Oct. 17, and the money was withdrawn to an anonymous wallet, which most likely signifies a massive XRP purchase by a high-tier crypto whale.

As well as that, Whale Alert reported 75,000,000 XRP transferred by Ripple to an unknown blockchain address.

As of late, Ripple has been spotted performing large XRP transactions from wallets related to it. These tens of millions of XRP were moved to Bitstamp, which offers a wide field for speculating, whether the company was just selling this crypto or moving it to an ODL corridor, which Bitstamp basically is. Recently, ODL has been rebranded as simply "Ripple Payments," as this is much easier to understand for outsiders, per a comment from a high-ranked Ripple executive.


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