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XRP on Verge of Massive Price Move: Here's Direction

Mon, 04/10/2023 - 17:00
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Arman Shirinyan
Markets are aiming at growth continuation, but investors are not as convinced as they used to be
XRP on Verge of Massive Price Move: Here's Direction
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XRP appears poised for a significant move, as the digital asset has entered a symmetrical triangle pattern on shorter-term time frames. This pattern formation is often considered a sign of an impending price breakthrough, which could lead to a substantial change in XRP's market value.

XRP has experienced an impressive 36% price increase since the end of March, and the ongoing rally shows no signs of slowing down. The symmetrical triangle pattern is typically viewed as a continuation pattern, suggesting that the current trend — in this case, the upward momentum — is likely to persist.

A symmetrical triangle forms when the price of an asset consolidates within converging trendlines, with the upper trendline acting as resistance and the lower one as support. This pattern usually indicates a period of indecision on the market, as both buyers and sellers struggle to gain control. However, as the triangle narrows and the price approaches the apex, the likelihood of a breakout, either upward or downward, increases.

For XRP, the formation of a symmetrical triangle within an ongoing bullish trend suggests that the odds are in favor of an upward breakout. If this occurs, traders and investors can expect the rally to continue, potentially driving XRP's price to new heights.

Ethereum aiming at $2,000

Ethereum, one of the leading cryptocurrencies on the market, has been experiencing a solid uptrend despite facing numerous challenges. Market indicators suggest that Ethereum's price movement is on a steady incline, with the 21-day moving average acting as the first line of support for the asset's ongoing rally.


The 21-day moving average is a crucial technical indicator used by traders to determine the overall trend of an asset. In the case of Ethereum, the moving average provides support to its price, keeping the uptrend intact. This suggests that as long as Ethereum's price remains above this moving average, the positive momentum is likely to continue, potentially leading the digital asset to its destined price target.

However, a concerning aspect of Ethereum's recent price action is its descending trading volume. A decrease in trading volume during a price rally can be an ominous sign, as it indicates that the buying pressure behind the asset is weakening. This lack of buying interest could lead to a slowdown in Ethereum's price growth or, worse, a trend reversal. It is essential for traders and investors to keep a close eye on the trading volume to gauge the strength of the ongoing rally.

Cardano loses support

Cardano (ADA), the popular blockchain platform and cryptocurrency, has been struggling to maintain momentum on the market after failing to break through the 200-day moving average for the second time. This key technical indicator has been acting as a strong resistance level for ADA, causing the digital asset to face a downward price trend.

In addition to difficulties in surpassing the 200-day moving average, Cardano has also been experiencing a decrease in trading volume. This decline in volume is a concerning sign for investors, as it indicates weakening buying interest in the asset. Lower trading volume can potentially lead to slowing price growth or, in more severe cases, a reversal of the current trend.

As Cardano loses momentum, a trend change may be imminent. A failure to break the 200-day moving average coupled with descending trading volume could signal a shift in market dynamics. Investors and traders should remain cautious and monitor the asset's performance closely to determine the future course of action.

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