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Tezro Unveils All-in-One Platform with Crypto Wallet and Messaging App

Wed, 1/02/2023 - 18:26
Tezro Unveils All-in-One Platform with Crypto Wallet and Messaging App
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Since its launch in Q2, 2022, Tezro multi-purpose application provides cryptocurrency holders with a cutting-edge e-commerce experience, seamless payments instruments and the opportunity to chat with friends and colleagues securely and confidentially.

Tezro ecosystem advances cryptocurrency storage and trading

At its core, Tezro application works as a crypto-centric retail payments solution with built-in messaging functions. As such, its team strives to create an instant messenger that works like "a bank in your pocket."

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Tezro supports the entire basic functionality of top-tier cryptocurrency wallets. It is perfectly tailored for secure and confidential storage of major blockchain assets Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), veteran proof-of-stake (PoS) currency EOS, as well as leading stablecoins by Tether Limited: U.S. Dollar Tether (USDT), Euro Tether (EURT) and Offshore Chinese Yuan Tether (CHNT).

In addition, the platform supports a wide range of fiat currencies, including the likes of Euro (EUR), U.S. Dollar (USD) and Chinese Yuan (CNY). For retail users, Tezro is available as a desktop application and web interface. Also, smartphone users can work with it on iOS- and Android-based devices.

For institutional clients, the full stack of Tezro functionalities is also available through an application programming interface (API): Tezro can be integrated in B2B platforms with only basic programming skills. Besides streamlining the processes of digital payments, its disruptive technical design can protect merchants from any sort of frauds and chargeback abuses.

Tezro app changes the narrative in the over-the-counter (OTC) cryptocurrency trading segment. It allows users to place their orders in the form of text messages. As such, crypto asset conversion becomes as easy as chatting with friends and colleagues.

Messaging system and e-commerce module now available to Tezro clients

Through this chat, traders can seamlessly exchange assets between each other, transfer cryptocurrencies to their peers and even convert them to the available fiat currencies.

For crypto-friendly e-commerce platforms, the Tezro team offers an escrow service for safe interaction with clients, suppliers and partners. As such, with Tezro, merchants can buy and sell goods within the application: the Tezro chatting module serves as a newbie-friendly marketplace for "offline" trading.

Tezro’s "Marketplace API" is designed to allow every Tezro user to offer his/her goods via third-party social media platforms. With Tezro’s accounts, traders can easily buy and sell goods of various types, only paying trivial 0.5% service fees. People can demonstrate their offerings through "streams" and add pricetags as QR-codes.

But the opportunity to launch auctions is the most impressive "killing feature" of Tezro’s products stack. Traders can seek the better bid and sell their goods and services for the best price with no need for intermediaries.

In Q4, 2022, Tezro integrated a wide range of card solutions. First, its users can pre-order credit cards with unique designs. Tezro’s Visa, MasterCard and UnionPay cards are accepted globally and work similarly to their "regular" analogues. All bank cards issued together with Tezro are supported by special bonus programs, so cardholders can enjoy exclusive bonuses and rewards.

Then, Tezro supports "gift cards," i.e., digital vouchers with predetermined values. Users can order these cards to let their friends purchase something on Tezro marketplace. As such, Tezro facilitates new ways of sending gifts and tips to family, colleagues and employees.

A secure messaging system is yet another novelty of Tezro's design. Unlike major messengers (WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger), Tezro prioritized security, anonymity and attack-resistance for its technical design.

Shopping token and DEX wallet: What’s new in Tezro?

Besides supporting all major cryptocurrencies, the Tezro ecosystem also has its own utility token for traders, so-called "TezroST." One TezroST can be purchased for one USTC stablecoin. Once the user purchases TezroST, he/she can immediately use it for purchasing lots in Tezro’s marketplace and its merchants’ API.

To guarantee a premium-level experience for crypto enthusiasts with various levels of expertise, Tezro unveiled its own DEX wallet integration module. Traders here cannot work with escrow, but they also do not need to rely on a centralized service while facilitating their trades. In "DEX wallet" mode, Tezro users can authorize the platform via their MetaMasks or any other type of on-chain wallet.

The opportunity to sign up with Ethereum (ETH) wallet is another step forward in personal data protection and user pseudonymization.

To wrap up, Tezro develops an all-in-one platform for digital payments, a native marketplace with API integrations, a chatting application and a number of related services. Combined with Web3-specific methods of authorization, this allows Tezro to become a game-changer in the retail crypto segment. 


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