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Shiba Inu's Shytoshi Kusama Shares Shibarium “Launch Strategy” with SHIB Army

Fri, 06/30/2023 - 12:01
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Yuri Molchan
Leader of Shiba Inu says 'everything is already set,' referring to upcoming Shibarium launch
Shiba Inu's Shytoshi Kusama Shares Shibarium “Launch Strategy” with SHIB Army
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In a recent message, the lead developer of SHIB, who goes by the pseudonym Shytoshi Kusama, stated that he has "a launch strategy," and he "cannot change the date or plan," in response to several messages on the Telegram channel "Shibarium Tech."

Since many people keep asking Kusama "wen Shibarium," users believe that his above-mentioned statements are about the much-expected launch of the Layer 2 network for SHIB.

Image via "Shibarium Tech", Telegram

Is SHIB going to Rome?

A day before that, Shytoshi intrigued the SHIB community with a cryptic tweet, which said that SHIB was "going somewhere." In the Telegram channel, the community began making guesses, but Kusama refuted them as wrong and stated that SHIB was going somewhere beyond the United States, without sharing any more details. However, from his replies on Telegram, it seems that the "somewhere" SHIB is going is Rome. Details may emerge on social media later, as so far there are none.

Nor has Kusama specified why SHIB needs to go anywhere, but it might be related to the difficult regulatory situation regarding crypto in the U.S., as the SEC has been hunting down crypto platforms recently and suing them on charges of violating U.S. securities laws. Recently, Binance and Coinbase have been sued by the regulatory agency.

As for Shibarium and the "launch strategy," the community has been expecting the Shibarium mainnet release since May. The beta version called Puppynet was unleashed on March 11, and since then, it has been quickly reaching new milestones related to the number of transactions and the number of wallets linked to the network.

SHIB Going Somewhere Outside USA: Shytoshi Kusama

"Shibarium benefits for users," per SHIB team member Lucie

Content marketing manager of Shiba Inu known on crypto Twitter as @LucieSHIB posted a tweet, in which she described in detail the benefits of implementing Shibarium for the SHIB network.

Lucie stated that the Layer 2 solution, Shibarium, will provide exciting opportunities for various projects that want to build their dApps on it. Besides, the launch of Shibarium will have a substantial impact on the price of Bone ShibaSwap (BONE) token, which serves as a means of gas payment on Shibarium.

As for Shibarium in particular, Lucie stressed, projects using it will be able to achieve high levels of scalability since their transactions will be processed off-chain. Therefore, it should "provide seamless user experience" and drive increased adoption to their projects and their tokens.

Lucie named cost-effectiveness as one of the major advantages of Shibarium, since it will help to greatly diminish gas fees necessary for executing smart contracts and using dApps. Low gas fees are expected to attract more users and developers to build smart contracts and decentralized applications, turning their projects into successful ecosystems. Another major benefit of Shibarium for users is its enhanced security feature, per Lucie.

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