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The Kyushu Exploration Team and FiNANCiE Started Collaboration to Launch the Future Coexistence Project Aimed at Supporting Producers and Businesses in Kyushu

Mon, 1/04/2024 - 16:05
The Kyushu Exploration Team and FiNANCiE Started Collaboration to Launch the Future Coexistence Project Aimed at Supporting Producers and Businesses in Kyushu
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Financier Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hakata Daimaru Co., Ltd., is headquartered in Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, and is the company behind the blockchain-based token-issuing crowdfunding service "FiNANCiE." They have partnered with the "Kyushu Exploration Team," developed by Yoshihiro Koya and headquartered in Chuo-ku, Fukuoka Prefecture, to launch the "Future Mutual Prosperity Project." This project aims to support the aspirations of Kyushu businesses and producers.


As part of this collaboration, Caviar Kingdom Co., Ltd., located in Tsuno-cho, Koyu-gun, Miyazaki Prefecture, and led by Hiroaki Suzuki, has started issuing and selling new tokens. Caviar Kingdom is engaged in sturgeon farming and caviar product businesses based in Miyazaki Prefecture.

For more information and to access the sales page, you can visit the following URL:

Project Overview

Starting from the Daimaru Fukuoka Tenjin Store, the Kyushu Exploration Team and FiNANCiE have started a joint project that has discovered and introduced the things and things that are abundant throughout Kyushu! Titled the "Future Co-prosperity Project," we will work to create a new regional revitalization model in which producers and businesses in the Kyushu area will play the leading role.

Through "phygital experiences" such as raising funds for new activities and building a community (making friends) using token-issuing crowdfunding, holding promotions and events using real department store stores, and developing collaborative products between owners, we will promote Kyushu's We support the dreams of producers and businesses and accelerate regional revitalization.

Starting with the issuance of "Caviar Kingdom" tokens, which will be released today, projects focusing on special products and specialty products from all over Kyushu are scheduled to be released one after another, and in the medium term, token issuance of Kyushu Exploration Team is planned. In addition to opening an official community, there are also plans to expand these mechanisms outside the Kyushu area.

All tokens issued by related owners of this project are linked with the right to participate in preferential sales linked to "Daimaru Matsuzakaya Online", and are associated with the manufacturing period and maturation period of the theme products, or their Unique incentive designs will be incorporated to encourage continued support, such as selling prices and holding conditions that support scarcity.

Through the synergy between the direct-from-the-farm e-commerce, which Kyushu Expedition Team specializes in, and the token economy promoted by FiNANCiE, Kyushu's local resources will be supported by people who are full of love for the region, while gaining a new supporter base from the Web3 economic zone. By doing so, we will show you the process of growing into a "regional asset" that has even more appeal and value.

The "Future Co-Prosperity Project" is an initiative made possible through a capital alliance between J. Front Retailing Co., Ltd. and Financier Co., Ltd., and we will continue to explore area expansion and collaboration in other businesses by leveraging the strengths of the two companies. .

The tokens issued by FiNANCiE are not securities under the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act, nor are they crypto assets under the Payment Services Act.

Regarding the right to participate in preferential sales: this is a right that can be acquired by meeting the "token holding conditions" specified by the token issuer (owner). Conditions such as the required number of tokens and holding period vary depending on the owner.

Caviar Kingdom Issues Tokens

As the first owner of the Mirai Kyoei Project, Hiroaki Suzuki's Caviar Kingdom, which is working to create a sustainable caviar market from Shiiba Village in Miyazaki Prefecture, which is considered one of Japan's three most unexplored regions, will issue tokens.

I want to save the sturgeon, which is on the verge of extinction.

In order to save wild sturgeon, which is on the verge of extinction due to overfishing caused by the increasing demand for caviar, one of the high-class ingredients that everyone knows, we are promoting farming from Miyazaki Prefecture to the whole country and overseas in order to increase the supply of farmed sturgeon. We aim to expand our base.

Aquaculture pond completed in Tsuno Town, Miyazaki Prefecture to let new sturgeon farming begins

This token issuance will commemorate the launch of the aquaculture pond, which will begin full-scale operation in the spring of 2024, and by supporting us, you will literally be able to be involved in the project as a "startup member" of this new base. In the community, we will not only regularly provide information on the local situation, but also implement measures to encourage co-creation between owners and supporters.

Please pay attention to the token-issuing crowdfunding of "Caviar Kingdom," which aims to create a new market with new mechanisms and partners in order to shake up the history of sturgeon caviar, which is said to date back to centuries ago.

Sales period: December 18, 2023 (Monday) 11:00 to February 29, 2024 (Thursday) 18:00 Scheduled

Market page

(Requires downloading the free smartphone app "FiNANCiE")

Six support packages for participants

In this funding, we will sell six support packages. Please consider supporting us at this opportunity, where you can receive tokens for the amount of support, and also receive support benefits such as "Owner NFT", an item that proves you are a sturgeon owner.

Owner NFT (applicable to all support packages except "Caviar Kingdom Member" package)

A digital item that proves you are a sturgeon owner. We will issue two types: a regular edition and a sponsored edition. It also serves as an item that proves your right to access the sales page where you can purchase at discounted prices throughout the year.

*Sample image

Please check the market page for details on each of the above support packages and token holding benefits.

・Market page:

  • Hiroaki Suzuki (Caviar Kingdom)

Hiroaki Suzuki is the king of Caviar Kingdom Co., Ltd., which farms sturgeon and produces caviar in Shiiba Village, Miyazaki Prefecture, which is known as one of Japan's three most unexplored regions. Born in Shiiba Village, he got a job at NTT East after graduating from university, but made a U-turn when he studied abroad. After that, he worked in the sturgeon farming business since 2008 while working in the family construction business. Through repeated trial and error, they launched their own brand, ``Heike Caviar,'' which has no odor and is suitable for the Japanese palate, and has been adopted by many famous restaurants in Japan. Later, he developed the world's first technology to flavor caviar using Tsuno wine. In July 2021, Caviar Kingdom Co., Ltd. was established as a manufacturing factory for Tsuno wine caviar.

Business pitch awards:

Atotsugi Koshien Grand Prize, AVS Pitch Contest Grand Prize & Audience Award, Kyushu Yamaguchi Venture Market Revitalization Award, BEPPU DREAM AWARD Finalist, etc.

  • Kyushu expedition

The Kyushu Expedition is a project launched by Hakata Daimaru Co., Ltd., which operates a department store in Fukuoka City, to commemorate its 65th anniversary. We aim to revitalize Kyushu as a whole by discovering and disseminating unknown "things and things" in Kyushu.

Official site

  • Financier Co., Ltd.

Financier is developing businesses that support the formation of communities and ecosystems using tokens, including "FiNANCiE", a token-issuing crowdfunding service that utilizes blockchain, NFT planning and issuance support business, and IEO support business. doing. Currently, we have a track record of issuing, selling, planning and operating tokens for over 200 sports teams, entertainment projects, individuals, etc., and are the only Web3 platform in Japan that supports the formation and expansion of token ecosystems all at once. We are aiming to establish this.


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  Establishment date: January 2019

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