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Rivalz Network Launches Its Intel Incentivized Testnet

Wed, 29/05/2024 - 14:23
Rivalz Network Launches Its Intel Incentivized Testnet
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Built on Dymension and Powered by Celestia’s DA layer, Rivalz aims to create a decentralized peer-to-peer network for modular AI apps, enhanced by programmatic trust and privacy. 


Rivalz Network, backed by leading investors such as Delphi Ventures, Zee Prime, Stakewithus, Cogitent Ventures, D1, M6, 4RC, and GSR - is laying the foundations for the AI web3 landscape with their DePIN-based AI Intel Layer.

Rivalz is excited to announce the launch of its Intel Incentivized Testnet Event which begins on Friday, 24th of May. 

Throughout this event, users will be able to actively participate in the rollout of Rivalz’s decentralized node infrastructure, earn points in various activities and get rewarded based on their overall engagement with the Rivalz Testnet. 

Rivalz Testnet Points and Airdrop

During the “Rivalz Intel Testnet” event users can earn Testnet Points. These will directly dictate the Rivalz $RIZ airdrop - set to happen in Q3 2024. High positions on the leaderboard will be rewarded additionally.  

Users can obtain Testnet points by running Light rClients - which provides the network with core data storage & data processing facilities, completing social challenges & by participating in daily mints of Fragmentz - which are essential to obtain discounts on the node sale whitelist. 

Igor, CEO of Rivalz Network:

The Initiating Intel Testnet is the first step we’re taking in the journey towards rolling out our AI DePIN. Our AI Intel Layer stands to become the connectivity core for the future of web3 x AI.

Rivalz - Building the first AI Intel Layer

The AI Intel Layer serves as a core part of the infrastructure for web3 modular AI applications. Rivalz operates as a Dymension EVM-RollApp with Celestia DA and includes a DePIN, consisting of Light rClients and Validator zNodes.

The Rivalz DePIN is a decentralized P2P node network that employs advanced encryption algorithms for secure data handling and blind computation for external data access. It focuses on ensuring compliant and validated data storage and private access to such data using FHE, as well as providing validated and trustless data streams for AI. 

  • rClient [Already available on Testnet] allows users to contribute data space and limited compute from their devices. rClients are available for anyone to run.
  • Validator zNodes are used as a settlement solution for the inflows and outflows of Data from the DePIN Layer. Validator zNodes will be sold via the zNode Key Licence Sale.

$RIZ will be the native token of Rivalz. It pays for transaction fees, coordinates worker and validator nodes, and ensures network security. It rewards users for providing valuable data, powers AI applications, and allows holders to participate in governance decisions, influencing the network's development.

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