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Gone In Less Than 15 Hours, $GMCoin With 100% Success On Day 1 Of 1st Round, Don't Miss Day 2

Mon, 08/09/2021 - 18:56
Gone In Less Than 15 Hours, $GMCoin With 100% Success On Day 1 Of 1st Round, Don't Miss Day 2
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World first token to decentralize businesses sold out on Day 1 of Round 1 from its own launchpad. Total of 100000 GMC were sold out in less than 15 hour from the launch on day 1 of Round 1, if you have missed it too, here are the details of Day 2 of Round 1.

No. of slots available: 100

Maximum number of Tokens per wallet: 1000 GMCoin (~$60)

Time of launch: 10.08 00:00 UTC

GMCoin Tokenomics:

  • Symbol: GMCoin
  • Total Supply: 80,000,000 GMCoin
  • Network:Tron (TRC10)
  • Development Team Token: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Marketing Activities and Adoption: 6.000.000 GMCoin
  • Internal Sales Distribution: 4,000,000 GMCoin
  • Treasury Reserve: 8,000,000 GMCoin
  • Sales: 54,000,000 GMCoin

There are four ways to buy GMCoin and participate in Private and Public Sales

  • Launchpad (Currently Open)
  • Retail Sales (SWAP) [Coming Soon]
  • Private Sale (Bridge) [Coming Soon]
  • Last Catch Sale (Teleportation) [Coming Soon]

Each of them have minimum and maximum buying limitations along with KYC (required in some cases). Participation restricted for the countries; Afghanistan, Congo, Cuba, Iran, Iraq, Libya, North Korea, Syria and Tajikistan. Through the Central African Republic, Eritrea, Guinea, Lebanon, Mali, Namibia,Somalia, Sudan, Venezuela, Yemen and the United States residents must check their local laws and regulations prior to buying. More details can be found in the investors presentation of GMCoin.

Why is GMCoin Important?

From art to buildings, the way we invest in assets could be about to fundamentally change with the arrival of tokenization. The act of tokenizing assets threatens to disrupt many industries, in particular the financial industry, and those who are not prepared risk being left behind.

Benefits of GMCoin

A new “token economy” offers the potential for a more efficient and fair financial world by greatly reducing the friction involved in the creation, buying, and selling of services. We see four key advantages that GMCoin provides for both investors and sellers:

  • Greater liquidity: By tokenizing assets—especially services and solutions or typically illiquid assets such as fine art—these tokens can then be traded on a secondary market of the issuer’s choice. This access to a broader base of traders increases the liquidity, benefiting investors who consequently have more freedom and sellers because the tokens benefit from the “liquidity premium,” thereby capturing greater value from the underlying asset.
  • Faster and cheaper transactions: Because $GMCoin is built on Tron Blockchain (TRC10)  the transaction of tokens is completed with very less fee (almost free). This reduces the administrative burden involved in buying and selling, with fewer intermediaries needed, leading to not only faster deal execution, but also lower transaction fees.
  • More transparency: This utility token is capable of having the token-holder’s rights and legal responsibilities embedded directly onto the token, along with an immutable record of ownership.

These characteristics promise to add transparency to transactions, allowing you to know with whom you are dealing, what your and their rights are, and who has previously owned this token.

  • More accessible: Importantly, tokenization could open up investment in assets to a much wider audience thanks to reduced minimum investment amounts and periods. GMCoin are highly divisible, meaning investors can purchase GMCoin that represent incredibly small percentages of the underlying assets. If each order is cheaper and easier to process, it will open the way for a significant reduction of minimum investment amounts. Moreover, the higher liquidity of GMCoin could also reduce minimum investment periods since investors can exchange their tokens on the secondary markets (After Exchange Listing) 

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