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John McAfee Unhappy About Actor Chosen to Play Him in the Movie, with Johnny Depp Rejected

Fri, 03/22/2019 - 11:41
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Yuri Molchan
??After John McAfee turned down Johnny Depp from playing him in the biopic, producers selected Michael Keaton, but now McAfee shows his dislike once again
John McAfee Unhappy About Actor Chosen to Play Him in the Movie, with Johnny Depp Rejected
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Earlier, U.Today reported that Hollywood was planning to shoot a biopic about notorious ‘crypto baron’ John McAfee. Back then, Johnny Depp was chosen to play the controversial crypto mover and shaker.

However, in autumn 2018 McAfee tweeted that he rejected Depp since he would be unable to truly show McAfee’s character on screen.

John McAfee Unhappy About Actor Chosen to Play Him in the Movie, with Johnny Depp Rejected

Instead of ‘Captain Jack Sparrow’, another actor was chosen to play McAfee – Michael Keaton, famous for performing in the Birdman movie (for which he received the Golden Globe Award) and playing in movies about superheroes.

McAfee says ‘no’

On March 22, John McAfee released a tweet regarding the most recent choice of actor who will be playing him. Apparently, the crypto baron is not satisfied again, saying that he does not know Michael Keaton at all except for a couple of times they had briefly met at parties, with alcohol being the subject of their talk.

Previously, McAfee tweeted that an ideal actor for his part in the “King of Jungle” movie would be Morgan Freeman. But the star of  “The Shawshank Redemption” and “Bruce Almighty” rejected the offer.

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McAfee and other Hollywood stars

It turns out that Mr. McAfee does know some actors in person – or at least they exchange personal messages on Twitter. One of them is Val Kilmer.

Recently, McAfee wrote to him, expressing that actors do not show reality, just try to act it, while he himself actually lives through events that Kilmer acts in his films.

McAfee and other Hollywood stars

Kilmer in response offered his condolences to McAfee for having to live such sort of a life, making it sound like a joke.

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