Exclusive Interview with TronWallet’s CEO: Big Upgrade, Crypto’s Future, & Justin Sun

Sun, 02/02/2020 - 20:00
Rimma Trukhina
We spoke with CEO Dio Ianakiara about TronWallet’s success, goals and upcoming plans. Here is our exclusive interview
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Today, we’re talking with the CEO of TronWallet, Dio Ianakiara, about the TRON community, TronWallet’s achievements, ideas, and future plans. 

U.Today: Dio, thank you for joining us! TronWallet was announced less than 1.5 years ago. Since the announcement, the results have been quite impressive to say the least. But let’s come back to those times - why did you decide to create this wallet? Why did you choose TRON? 

Dio Ianakiara: About 3 years ago, we at Getty I/O were creating our first crypto wallet, and decided to keep investing in its development, features, and security measures. Our main goal was always to solve the problem of the user experience with a better and more easy to use mobile wallet that anyone around the world could utilize. 

During that time, TRON announced a $1 million dollar fund to support developers, as well as the TRON Accelerator coding competition. After carefully reviewing TRON’s code, we loved the blockchain’s architecture and high performance, and quickly understood that a huge investment in terms of money and development had been put into the project. 

Not only did we realize that TRON was the fastest but that it was also the most scalable blockchain at the time. This is what triggered us to choose TRON, We then took the decision to rebrand our crypto wallet as TronWallet. Looking back, it’s the best decision we’ve ever made. 

Dio Ianakiara. Image by TRON Foundation, niTROn 2019

U.Today: How did you manage to achieve 155,000 downloads in such a short amount of time?

Dio Ianakiara: I believe the reasons why we’ve been able to grow so fast is due to a mixture of hard work, having excellent developers, and a strong focus on community feedback to assist us with improving the mobile wallet experience. Having this amazing global and passionate community, combined with the best blockchain product developers at our disposal, is our secret sauce. This has led to TronWallet recording downloads from 183 counties.

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U.Today: How do you guarantee security for your users? Is there something special that your contenders don’t have? Were there any scam precedents?

Dio Ianakiara: TronWallet’s security utilizes military grade encryption to store a user’s secrets, sensitive data, and information on the user’s own devices. In simple terms, this means that only the user can access their information in a very secure and personal way. Since all our transactions are conducted instantly on the TRON blockchain, the network makes all transfers unhackable and immutable. 

TronWallet has never been hacked, and our architecture is built in such a secure way that it makes it virtually impossible for any malicious actor to access any user data or funds. This extreme level of security, combined with our highly intuitive and simple user experience, is one of the main reasons we are among the fastest-growing crypto wallet on the market today. 

Image via TronWallet

U.Today: What other cryptocurrencies does the TronWallet support? Are there any future plans to add other cryptocurrencies?

Dio Ianakiara: For a long time our community of users have requested us to integrate Bitcoin (BTC) and other major cryptocurrencies. After many months of hard work, I’m happy to announce that we will be launching TronWallet 3 in the coming weeks. This brand new and upgraded version of TronWallet we will add support for Bitcoin and the top altcoin cryptocurrencies! 

The added Bitcoin support will be a major milestone for us and will exponentially increase our exposure and user base in the wider crypto sphere. We are confident in our product, and the wallet’s speed, security, and scalability. Many users outside of the TRON ecosystem will open their eyes to TronWallet 3 with this Bitcoin integration, thereby inviting them into the TRON world through our DApp Browser and other features catered and built specifically for the TRON community. It’s a win-win situation.

U.Today: In your opinion, what features are important for today's crypto users? How do you analyze it? 

Dio Ianakiara: We constantly ask our community’s thoughts and opinions about current and new features. How they are using a certain feature and how happy they are with it? How much they are engaged with a feature? What new features do they want to see next? Having this kind of engagement with the community is immensely powerful and it’s what drives our choices for development. I believe that security, performance, and user experience should always be the foundation of our product and features. 

Dio Ianakiara. Image by TRON Foundation, niTROn 2019

U.Today: TronWallet enables users to utilize a large number of DApps. How do you combine the world of crypto wallets and the emerging field of DApps?

Dio Ianakiara: Combining a highly secure wallet and a world of DApps is the end usability goal for each great third generation crypto wallet. The DApp Browser on TronWallet was one of our greatest additions and challenges this year. Making a wallet support DApps makes a lot of sense in a DeFi world because it expands the wallet’s possibilities. 

We have now been able to build a DApp Browser that is constantly improving and growing, and a product that actually allows the user to directly use their TronWallet account and balance inside the DApps without the need for an extra login. This enables a quick, seamless and secure experience for all our users when exploring the ever growing world of TRON-based DApps. 

TronWallet has never been hacked, and our architecture is built in such a secure way that it makes it virtually impossible for any malicious actor to access any user data or funds.

U.Today: What other potential ideas are you planning to integrate into your wallet? What do you think crypto wallets will look like in the next 5 to 10 years?

Dio Ianakiara: Working with blockchain technologies and decentralized applications require us as a team to have a constant and vivid imagination of what’s coming, and how we can be part of creating that future. This mindset makes us consider how each available desire and action inside the app itself will improve the user experience in the future.

I believe that within the next 5-10 years, crypto wallets will transform the world and will be the gateway for personal financial freedom. It will transform common people into investors.  It will transform how industries do business. It will transform how governments and companies handle user identity. TronWallet aims to be at the forefront of that evolution of individual financial liberty in the blockchain age. 

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Being in full control of your own assets in a decentralized way makes a lot of sense and this idea only grows in my mind. I also notice a tendency to have wallets integrated with native hardware solutions like Samsung’s Mobile Blockchain Keystore. This will not only provide a better security option, but also give the users a superior experience. Now that a partnership has been established between TRON and Samsung, we are already working on a TronWallet product that will cater to the more than 1 billion mobile Samsung users.

Image via TronWallet

U.Today: Do you have any heroes in the crypto world? I mean people whose views inspire you and ideas that you share?

Dio Ianakiara: Satoshi, Justin Sun, Changpeng Zhao (CZ).

U.Today: What do you think about the strategies implemented by Justin Sun and TRON? 

Dio Ianakiara: I think Justin Sun and the TRON Foundation are doing a great job by making TRON the fastest and most consistent blockchain in the world. 

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I do believe that TRON should support more community-built projects and the developers inside the TRON community. In the previous year, TRON showed an increasing tendency to promote only their own projects, their own conglomerate. This is a bad strategy from my point of view. TRON’s community of developers and users are amazing, educated and passionate, and the TRON blockchain and the TRX cryptocurrency can surely reach the Moon. For this to happen, they need to support from its community and invest in the top community projects and proposals. 

Recently, we have already started to see a new and slightly more positive attitude from the TRON Foundation team in terms of coming out in support of the top projects on the chain, and we truly hope this will come to fruition in the near future.

U.Today: What is your main focus in the near future?

Dio Ianakiara: Build the best crypto wallet in the world. 

TRON’s community of developers and users are amazing, educated and passionate, and the TRON blockchain and the TRX cryptocurrency can surely reach the Moon. For this to happen, they need to support from its community and invest in the top community projects and proposals.

U.Today: Do you believe that mass adoption will be implemented soon? In your opinion, what cryptocurrencies will have first crack at the opportunity? 

Dio Ianakiara: I believe mass adoption will happen within 2-3 years as the crypto and blockchain industries are evolving faster than most can imagine. Bitcoin will be the first crypto to be utilized by millions of people in each country due to its stability and name recognition. 

TRON is by far the fastest and best blockchain available anywhere in the world. The TRON blockchain has a unique opportunity to get this right and surf the wave to be a true leader when it comes to mass adoption and global usage of decentralized apps, particularly in the lucrative fields of gaming, gambling, entertainment, content creation, and DeFi. 

We at TronWallet are proud over what we’ve achieved up to this point in making the TRON blockchain more easily accessible to everyone worldwide, and are looking forward to playing an integral part in shaping the TRON ecosystem and the crypto movement at large in the years to come.

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