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Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia Station


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  • Dates:
    Tue, 05/24/2022 - Thu, 05/26/2022
Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia Station
Cover image by Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia Station
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Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference Asia Station will be made in 24, 25, 26, May 2022 online, organized by the MC (Metaverse Club). The conference focuses on games,NFTs, DeFi, Technology companies from global, players, investors, and media in the Asia Pacific market, sharing the latest market news with global metaverse companies, finding investment opportunities, and meaningful PR opportunities in the Asia Pacific market.


The conference will include:

  • 500+game,nft,defi,technology companies;
  • 80+ investment institutions,50+ Asia Related Media;
  • 30+global media,20,000+ attendees online;
  • 80+ featured speakers;
  • 60+ metaverse innoviation topics;
  • 30+keynote speeches;
  • 10+panel discussion;
  • 8+fireside chat.


1. Audiences

20,000+ online visitors covering Southeast Asia, India, Vietnam, China, Japan, Korea Asia Pacific market players and media to help companies expand user resources in new markets.

2. PR

1)Asia Pacific and global top media:100+ famous blockchain, cryptocurrency, game, NFT, DeFi, Tech media pre and post conference global press release to enhance the exposure of enterprise products and brands;(Language: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese)

2)  Asia-Pacific twitter KOLs and community partners covering the event in unison;

3) Official website Logo display, company introduction display, speaker display, company page link jumping;

4) Official Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook Logo and company introduction/newest product promotion;

5) Emails informing conference attendees of your participation;

6) Post and after conference media release;

7) Memberships are promoted on social media platforms

8) Official Website AMA Publication

9) Annual Award Application and Award PR Promotion

10) Any new products published in the New Products section of the website at any time or event in 2022

3. Investment Institutions

1)30+ global investment institutions to participate in speeches, sharing and exchanging the latest investment strategies of investment institutions in Blockchain games, NFTs, DeFi;

2)80+ global investment institutions attend as audience, have the opportunity to get the investment institutions’ favor.

4. Speeches

1)80+ speakers, 25 keynote speeches, 10 panel discussion and 8 fireside chats to exchange access to the latest cutting-edge information on the metaverse market;

2)Learn about first-hand global game, NFT, DeFi player market distribution and different national policies from the speakers.

5. Cost

Apply to become a member of the Metaverse Club to get the highest annual branding value at the lowest cost.

Metaverse Club Coming Events:

- Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference (Asia Station): 24, 25, 26 May, 2022

- Metaverse Ecosystem Development & Investment Conference (North America and European Station): 21, 22, 23 September, 2022

- Global Metaverse Carnival & Award Ceremony: 13, 14, 15, 16 December, 2022

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