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EOS Network Mainnet Turns Five, Here's What Was Achieved Last Year

Thu, 06/08/2023 - 12:00
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Vladislav Sopov
EOS Network celebrates fifth anniversary of its mainnet operations; here's brief look back at its endeavours in last 12 months
EOS Network Mainnet Turns Five, Here's What Was Achieved Last Year
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EOS Network Foundation, a nonprofit that oversees the progress of the EOS blockchain ecosystem, shares the most impressive accomplishments it has registered in the last 12 months. The blockchain celebrates the fifth anniversary of its mainnet operations with rocketing community growth, new technical developments and ecosystem incentives for developers.

EOS EVM, cross-chain operations, community initiatives: EOS turns five

EOS, a high-performance Layer 1 blockchain, celebrates the fifth anniversary of its mainnet operations launch. The blockchain witnessed an unparalleled 1,800+ consecutive days of uptime, an ENF statement says.

The last 12 months were particularly fruitful for the blockchain in terms of both ecosystem progress, technical novelties and compatibility with other blockchains. It was the first year in which the development of EOS was fully curated by ENF instead of, the organization that invented EOS, but failed to deliver on its promises to the community after a record-breaking $4 billion ICO.

As a result, a new life was injected into the EOS ecosystem. As covered by U.Today previously, it launched EOS EVM, a fully operable version of Ethereum (ETH) virtual machine within the EOS blockchain.

EOS EVM v0.5.0 Release Goes Live in Mainnet: Details

ENF Founder and CEO Yves La Rose stressed the importance of recent history for the vision of the EOS Network ecosystem, its developers, users and community enthusiasts:

As we commemorate the 5th anniversary of the launch of the EOS Network, I am profoundly inspired by the resilience of our community. We have endured much uncertainty standing against corporate greed in defense of our network. Today, we have emerged as champions for the ethos of free and open-source software, forging a path to boundless innovation, not just for ourselves, but for the entire Web3 space.

Also, EOS launched Antelope protocol, which unified all major networks of the EOS ecosystem, including the likes of UX, WAX and Telos, into a single technical design.

Notable partnerships pave the way for future milestones

Currently, the blockchain processes over 100 million transactions daily, while its EOS EVM module registers more than 900 swaps every second.

Recently, the network expanded its ecosystem of partners. It scored long-term strategic collaborations with Binance, Messari and DWF Labs in order to boost the visibility and accessibility of its services.

In the coming months, the team of ENF is going to unveil more community-driven programs to make building on EOS even more attractive for dApps developers of all types.

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