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Earn Guild (EARN) Launches Play-to-Earn Guild with Fiat Gateway

Fri, 02/25/2022 - 10:00
Earn Guild (EARN) Launches Play-to-Earn Guild with Fiat Gateway
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Amid another wave of euphoria around play-to-earn protocols and NFTs in on-chain gaming, Web3 e-athletes unite into sophisticated DAO-like organizations which are now called play-to-earn guilds.

With Earn Guild (EARN), earning real-world money in Web3 games becomes easier than ever before. The ecosystem is set to lower the entry barrier for NFT and GameFi newcomers.

Optimized resources, maximized rewards in play-to-earn: What is Earn Guild (EARN)?

Earn Guild (EARN) is a multi-product, highly scalable play-to-earn guild. At its core, it is designed to simplify and advance the process of earning for players onboarded by different GameFi protocols.

earn guild
Image by Earn Guild

What makes Earn Guild (EARN) special in this red-hot segment?

  • Out-of-the-box approach: everything required for profitable e-gaming in one dashboard;
  • Native marketplace for in-game assets: Earn Guild allows to trade and even rent NFTs;
  • First-ever segment-specific exchange for GameFi tokens;
  • User-friendly fiat gateway with Mastercard support and native Earn Card;
  • Coaching for newcomers;
  • Credits scoring system for all active players.

What is play-to-earn?

Play-to-earn (also GameFi, on-chain gaming and so on) refers to a type of decentralized (based on smart contracts) software that combines gamified architecture with DeFi principles. In other words, play-to-earn protocols are blockchain-based games with the opportunity to earn cryptocurrency.

Play-to-earn ecosystems require their customers to hold NFTs or native crypto to join gameplay. Also, the outcome of battles and tournaments depends on users’ skills, not on luck; it makes the play-to-earn ethos different from that of blockchain betting and gambling.

In play-to-earn protocols, not only winners but also plenty of successful and skilled gamers can monetize their e-sports strategies. Both native tokens and play-to-earn NFTs can be integrated into these protocols as prizes.

Axie Infinity, The Sandbox and Decentraland are the three most popular play-to-earn ecosystems with DeFi and Metaverse elements.

What is a play-to-earn guild?

A play-to-earn guild is an instrument for GameFi enthusiasts to interact with each other, to implement more profitable gaming strategies, to exchange in-game assets and to coordinate the entire set of gaming strategies.

The play-to-earn guild segment gained traction in 2021 due to the increased popularity of blockchain-based gaming and the rapid upsurge demonstrated by the profits of blockchain-focused e-athletes.

Play-to-earn guilds can develop separate tokenomic models and specify requirements for players, i.e., create holistic GameFi-centric ecosystems. Last but not least, Play-to-Earn guilds represent a novel path of business development and community management in crypto protocols.

Introducing Earn Guild (EARN), an all-in-one ecosystem for Web3 e-athletes

Launched in 2021 by a team of high-profile cryptocurrency and e-gaming enthusiasts, Earn Guild (EARN) offsets the gaps between gaming and earning, as well as between the global community and GameFi structures.

Earn Guild: Product and community

Earn Guild (EARN) is a play-to-earn guild designed to help GameFi enthusiasts to build and implement more sophisticated and profitable gaming strategies.

Earn Guild (EARN) works with all cutting-edge blockchain P2E games, and has formed over 50 game partnerships in only 3 months.

By the end of February 2022, Earn Guild (EARN) accomplished a number of milestones in its product progress and community nurturing process. It has over 30,000 Discord users in its groups and chats, and has about 2000 daily active players using Earn Guild (EARN)’s NFT game assets to play P2E games.

Earn Guild Token 

As a backbone element of its earning strategy and tokenomic design, the Earn Guild team released its own native utility and governance token, EARN. The token generation event of EARN took place in December 2021.

In all, Earn Guild is going to release 100 million EARN. In Q4, 2021, 30 million EARN were unlocked for fundraising, when it raised $8.1M.

On Feb. 22, 2022, EARN debuted on PancakeSwap (CAKE), the most popular BSC-based decentralized cryptocurrencies exchange.  Within 48 hours, EARN token also began trading on MEXC, BitMart and AscenDEX centralized trading platforms.

Earn Guild: Fiat Gateway

To ensure seamless off-ramping for player winnings, Earn Guild has also set up a fiat gateway: every P2E game token can be easily withdrawn in USD to a player’s Earn Guild branded Mastercard. 

earn guild
Image by Earn Guild

Earn Guild: Marketplace

Focused on building an all-in-one ecosystem for crypto enthusiasts, Earn Guild (EARN) is building its own marketplace of digital assets and NFTs.

Unlike its competitors, Earn Guild (EARN)’s marketplace not only allows the trading and exchange of in-game assets, but it also supports the function of NFT renting. For instance, should a player need a premium tank or axe or gun to complete a mission, they do not need to purchase it. A wide range of in-game NFTs from Earn Guild’s game partners are available for rent on the marketplace by Guild members.

The NFT game assets can be rented either for a fixed price per month or in exchange for a share of a player’s winnings. 

Earn Guild: Economics and funding rounds

To fuel the progress and promotion of Earn Guild, its team has organized three funding rounds. During the seed funding round in October 2021, the team secured $1 million by selling five million EARN tokens.

In a private round (NOvember/December 2021), backed by a clutch of highly reputable VCs and business angels, Earn Guild sold 22 million EARN for $5.5 million.

Most recently, on Feb. 22, 2022, Earn Guild (EARN) released four million EARN for a public round (IDO) at $0.4 per token.

Closing thoughts

Earn Guild (EARN) is a new-gen play-to-earn guild designed to simplify and advance the process of earning in GameFi protocols. It has onboarded 30,000 Discord activists and secured a total of $8.1 million in three funding rounds in only its first 3 months. Uniquely, Earn Guild created a holistic crypto-to-fiat ecosystem that allows players to seamlessly convert in-game tokens into fiat. Earn Guild is the only guild in the world with a Mastercard for player winnings.